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Painful Sex After Original Outbreak

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Hello all,

I was diagnosed about 6 weeks ago with my original outbreak. I thankfully have a loving boyfriend who is completely supportive of the situation. Still to this day, there are two specific places that are painful during sex, which were the places that were the most painful during my OB. I understand that those spots were new skin before, but I don't understand why they still hurt so bad. I also get sore from sex a lot easier now because of those places as well. Is this normal? Have any of you guys experienced this?

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I know what u mean!!!! And i havent a clue how to fix it other than maybe try lube?

... tmi alert.... My one o.b is a tiny smally sore left to my clit and even weeks after its healed and gone and not tender... when my bf and i have sex we usually fool around a bit and my c. Is so sensitive it hurts sometimes...

talk about awkward eh?

But i found if we use a lil lube then for some reason its not so bad...


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Hello and Welcome!


Yes - it's very normal ... the skin and nerves will take awhile to settle down and "toughen up" after the first OB.


Make sure to use lots of lube. Also, make sure you take plenty of time for foreplay so things relax and lube up on their own (one "advantage" of herpes ... it forces you to slow things down and play more!) ... and go easy on the rough sex for awhile. If it's still tender, use this time to figure out other ways to play ... toys, oral, masturbation play, Tantric sex, etc are all things you can do when you have an OB or are just too sensitive ;)



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Thank you both! It's been 6 weeks since the end of my outbreak, I just thought it has been long enough that it shouldn't be sensitive anymore. Are there any guesses on how long this will last? and is it possible for this pain to never completely go away?

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