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One year

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A year ago today was what felt like the worst day of my life I remember all I wanted to do was cry and at one point I felt like I didn't wanna live becIse of this diagnosis I know a little over dramatic but I'm sure everyone on here has felt that way I thought my life was over and it would never be the same. One year later And I am perfectly fine happy and normal. I'm here to tell those of you who find out this diagnosis today tomorrow or a month from now you will be ok! Life goes on and I've been lucky my first ob was my only so far. Thank god no one wants an ob lol. At first I hated myself I felt gross and disgusting how could I let this happen I had only two serious partners my current and my ex for 7 years!!!!! I was just unlucky I guess a year ago today I hated my life but now I'm fine and you will be too. Stay strong and take every day as it comes when you feel an ob come on start your meds you will be fine. I'm not going to lie to you some times I do get scared or sad when I think it might happen but as quick as that fear comes it goes. I'm so proud of where I have come and I wouldn't wish anyone to feel how I did a year ago. I'm not perfect I may have an ob next week or next month I hope not but you never know. But I will be okay my life is normal as anyone else's. I hope a year from now it's even better. I thank god everyday that my situation is a bad one. Sorry that I'm rambling lol I don't even know if this is making sense I'm typing while I'm working. I just wanted to share with everyone my year update. Thanks for listening

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I know the feeling day by day you will feel better I got lucky and had an amazing support from my boyfriend who I was already with when I found out who does not have and I have no contact with my ex so I do not know if he does but it does get easier

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