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I'm 20 years old girl and this is my herpes story

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Hi, I'm 20 years old girl and this is my herpes story.


About 2 weeks ago I went to my gyno for a regular check up after not going for almost 2 years, I have never really thought about STDs, matter of fact, I don't think I knew what herpes was until I found I had it, in fact, I wasn't even planning on getting any STDs tests, but my doctor suggested it so I said why not, I took the exams only to find out that my last boyfriend left me with nothing more and nothing else than herpes and chlamydia, I never had any symptoms or OB, but there it was, I have herpes, and chlamydia, I freaked out and had a panic attack, I called a good girl friend of mine and told her what was going on, she tried to calm me down but I have been a nervous wreck ever since. I think the hardest part of herpes is the idea of having a "Stamp" on you forever, and forever is a creepy word.


Soon after I did my research and got educated about what herpes is, and the risks of chlamydia and everything else on the subject (for a few days all I did all day long was reading on the internet), I knew what my next step should be, and probably the hardest out of all this: telling the guy I've been dating for a few months now.


I told him I needed to see him to tell him something really important, but we had to wait a whole day before we could meet up, no need to say it was the longest day of my life, I thought he was gonna leave and get really mad, or feel disgusted by me, but he didn't, he came to my house and we sat on the stairs and I tried my best to best as honest and calm as I could without crying to not freak him out even more, I told I have had a boyfriend that I really trusted and that while I was with him I took birth control pills and we didn't use protection (my ex told me I was the only girl he had ever had sex without condoms, I was a real idiot I know), that I went to the doctor for a regular check up and found out I had herpes and chlamydia, that he needed to get checked as soon as possible and that I have never had any symptoms or OB, I explained him briefly what herpes is and how it is a virus that stays on your nerves for life and etc. He stayed quiet for a minute there and then he said "I thought you were pregnant and I was kinda happy and excited about it, I was thinking when we were gonna live and everything" then he laughed a little and he acted very supportive, we even watched a movie afterwards and kissed a bit and cuddled, I was really relief of his reaction because I honestly thought he was gonna hate me. (We have had sex twice only, always condoms, so it was really unlikely that I'd give him herpes, but chlamydia was very probable)


But of course, after that day he probably got on the internet, read a bunch of stuff like I did and got really nervous about all the stuff that he could have and not know just like me, he is been acting a bit distant since that (6 days now) and 2 days from now he is going to get his results for his STDs tests, I'm really scared that we stop seeing each other because I really like him and I was really happy after all of this went down, but if he decides not to, then I have to be ok with that because as much as I hate this and as mad as I am at my ex, it doesn't change the fact that I do have herpes and that if I had used condoms I wouldn't be here right now.


Anyways, I'm new in the forum, and I hope I can interact with more people dealing with this life changing disease.


Thanks for reading, <3


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Hello and Welcome!


So question. Do you have HSV1 or HSV2? Because it's entirely possible you have H1 from the ex from oral sex. Also, if you have HSV2, it's still entirely possible that he got it with condoms... they only give you a 50% reduction in risk ... it the person he got it from had their OB's/shedding outside of the area where the condom goes, it's not much help in stopping the spread. So he may well have been telling you the truth about his past relationships. AND, you may have had it from someone before him given that you have never had an OB. I have a client who had it over 30 yrs before she had her 1st OB. :(


If your test was only a blood test and you never had an OB, and it came back H1, you *could* have Oral HSV1 (aka Cold Sores). So it's important to know what you have before you get all freaked out :)


Best to get him tested for both H and Chlamydia .. guys can carry C. with no symptoms so to be honest they may just want to treat him anyway...


Make sure he is getting good info. Send him the links for the handouts and ebook on here and tell him to stat the hell off Google and any forums where people are negative and nasty (there are plenty of them sadly).




Handouts + disclosure e-book:



Herpes facts video
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Hi! WCSDancer2010, I have genital herpes, I just realized I didn't the type in any part of my story lol sorry, thanks so much for your words, I'm really trying not to focus on who gave it to me cus that's really not gonna solve anything... I downloaded the handbooks you get when you first sign up and they are so helpful, I'm gonna give him some space for now and then when he gets his results and he is more peaceful I will show them to him.. thank you so much for answering me!

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That doesnt answer her question tho!

Hsv1 and hsv2 can occure on the gennitals.

50% of new genital herpes diagnosis are hsv1 due to oral sex by someone who gets coldsores.

Wharas hsv2 prefers to not end up orally...

its just good to know which type u have

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Yes - you can get herpes while using condoms ... they are only 50% effective when you are having regular sex (because many have their outbreaks on their inner thighs, scrotum, etc, which is not covered by the condom) and if you have oral sex you can pass HSV1 to the genitals if you have the virus on your mouth (aka cold sores).


Also you can get HPV while using condoms as well. The CDC here in the USA says that pretty much everyone who is sexually active will get at least one strain of HPV in their life. Thankfully the majority don't do any harm and just give you a scare.... but it's a good reason to get a Pap smear every year ;)

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