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what is it?

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I just read Herpes is a skin disease not a vagina/penis infection... It just chooses those places to breakout because of the type of skin and moisture that is there!?!? I guess that's right... I mean I have Ob between my buttcheeks... >sorry< &I've NEVER had anal sex sooo I don't really understand!

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The herpes virus is a skin disease, that lives in the nerves.

mono, chickenpox, shingles, coldsores and gennital sores (and a couple others i forget the names of) are all part of the herpes family.

it relies on skin to skin contact/touching/rubbing to transfer.

Once transfered it finds a (or a couple) nerves to follow to or near our spines, and live in.

gennital herps lives in the base of our spines. Shingles near the middle of the apine. And coldsores near the top.

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Yes - Herpes IS a skin condition that *usually* chooses to reside in a really inconvenient place.... so @inka ... actually HSV2 DOES "choose" our vaginas over other areas when given half a chance. That is why HSV2 rarely ends up in the mouth or other areas ... it just plain doesn't like it there.


HSV1 is a little more "accommodating" ... it will take up residency in the genitals BUT the rate of shedding is less because it doesn't like it as much there. H1 can also be passed to other areas of the body, especially during your first OB ... that is called AutoInnoculation ... it's not "easy" to do, but it happens which is why we tell people to be careful during their first OB's to wash hands after cleaning or treating the area. Also, HSV1 can cause what is known as Herpes Gladatorium which is found with people who do high contact sports like Wrestling... which can show up anywhere and is caused by skin to skin contact during the wrestling bouts (odds are the person had some break in the skin ... I've also heard the theory that if wrestlers shower between matches, their risk is a lot lower because the virus can't enter the thicker "normal" skin that readily). Finally, there's Ocular Herpes (again, largely HSV1... and largely in young children who get HSV1 orally and, being kids, pick the sore then tough their eyes without washing their hands) and Herpes Whitlow (Again, usually HSV1 ... in the finger usually in the corner of the nail where you would get hangnails or finger cracks).


Now, with all that, you can easily get freaked out and feel that you could get it EVERYWHERE but fact of the matter is, it's pretty rare ... if you use *normal* hygienic practices of hand washing after touching areas that might/are having an OB ... that's all.


(I think this is going to be the subject of my next blog post.... thanks for the inspiration!



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