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Work and Symptoms

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I don't know what to do. I'm too sick to work one of my jobs - the other two I can probably manage. Any long periods of standing, walking around, basically anything that doesn't involve laying in bed all day leaves me dizzy, nauseated, and in cold sweats (don't have a thermometer to see if I have a fever). Oh, and all of the excessive discharge means changing my pad frequently, which is embarrassing since I have to announce when/why I'm leaving the floor (retail work). They probably think I have a case of the runs or that I just pee a lot lately lol.


Anyway, I know that my symptoms are normal for a first OB and that work is just aggravating them. I had to tell one of my managers that I have a chronic health condition that will make me sick because I had to sit down because of the dizziness. I could barely do a 4-hour shift. Tomorrow my shift is 7.5 hours. I kind of just want to go to urgent care to get an excuse to call off. Ugh. The lesions don't really bother me too much. It's all of the other symptoms! I just started the antivirals, so I don't think my body has had enough time to really start recovering yet.


Does anyone have any advice as to what to say to my managers to get them to understand without being too specific? Or at least how to tough it out? I can handle a fair amount of pain, but I'm such a wimp with dizziness and nausea.

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well, my first Ob was a real nasty one. I and the doctor thought I had mono. it hit on a Friday evening but I missed mon-wed the following week then relapsed for mon-tues the next week. when I called and told them it was mono they told me to stay away so as to not give it to everyone who didn't already have it.


sounds like you work several part time jobs? if so it will be hard to take time off, usually part time has no sick days, but it might do you some good. tell em you have a stomach virus and need a few days off then if you are still having some issues the reason covers why your running to the potty so much.

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Honey ... as @daisy said ... you are dealing with a virus ... if you need to go to urgent care to get an "excuse" note, do it ... but I would tell them that you have flu (it's a virus and you have the symptoms so it's close enough :p ) and leave it at that if you can get away with that. Your body needs to rest and heal. Take a few days off, be good to yourself, and rest up. Within a few days you should hopefully be feeling better.


The anti-virals may be complicating things ... make sure to take them with food and plenty of fluids .... some people struggle with them at first. If you are on a cone a day pill, cut it in half and take half in the AM and half in the PM for awhile. That may help too.





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