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A TMI(?) question for fellow ladies

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Hope this doesn't disgust anyone...

Today I have started getting a thin, yellow watery discharge. Im pretty positive it's coming from the inside. Do I have sores way up in there? Or do I have like a UTI thing going on? It doesn't have a smell but it's def not my normal...


Also I think I'm getting another spot. Like the size of half a dime but this time it's more between leg and lips. Since this is my first time, how long are they going to appear for?is there a "general" time frame to get them? I'm starting to freak again.

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Nothing is TMI here and we are a judgement free zone :)


So - it's posssible its the OB and it's possible you are having something happening up there .. you may want to get it checked out though just to be safe... we can't really diagnose on here..


As for the "general" time frame... well, again, H doesn't play by rules, but the more you stress, the more you feed it. I say Herpes is a "first responder" to stress ... so *try* to not freak out :)


If you can get on antivirals that will help ... and try some of these tips ... the faster you attack it from the outside, the faster the lesions will disappear... the Epsom Salts baths, going commando when possible (or wear really loose pants and no underwear when possible), and one tip I need to add is hydrogen peroxide (dry it well after about 5 min with blow drier) ...







Links to some of the items suggested in the links

http://tinyurl.com/pmosahc Link to Alum


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I'm having my first OB as well and was concerned about the same thing. I did have a UTI and bacterial vaginosis in addition to H (and my period! My vagina clearly has the worst timing ever! lol) Anyway, I'm not sure if I had an internal OB - the doctor didn't report anything odd in there Monday, but we also didn't think it was H until my results came back Friday. I can tell you though that the discharge is clearing up. It was so heavy I was considering going to the hospital. I still have some, but it's about 1/4-1/2 of what it was. Friday I was soaking through overnight maxi pads. I only had to change my pad once today, and I did it more so because I don't want any dampness to cause more bacterial infections or help the virus thrive, not because there was tons and tons of discharge.


I don't know exactly what it is or if it's due to the bacterial infection or H, but I can tell you it got better after a few days! Hopefully yours will do the same. If not, definitely see a doctor. I'm for sure going to ask about it.


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I didn't use tampons since I already had an angry vagina with the BV and UTI lol. You may want to use pads to see if your period seems abnormal. Mine did (thinner texture and lighter in color...also shorter flow), but again, I can't be sure of the cause. The last thing I felt like doing is sticking anything up there lol.

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