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herpes medications

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So some of you know my successful disclosure. Yay! I just picked up my script for valacyclovir. I've never taken antivirals before, as I've had maybe 2 to 3 outbreaks a year the last 3 years and they were super mild. And as much I hate prescription drugs, I care about the guy I'm dating so much more.


I know medications carry side effects and I have the giant, long list of them from the pharmacy. But I was wondering what your personal experiences were with taking a suppressive dose? And how long did it take your body to adjust? Even just looking at these horse pills scares me lol!


Everyone on this forum is so amazing and supportive. I accepted herpes a long time ago, but you guys make me feel not so alone and so much more confident :-)



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I personally never had any side effects. From what I have gathered here (seeing a few people struggle with nausea, tiredness, and some possible body pains) ... I would initially cut it in half and take half with food and plenty of water in the AM, and half in the PM (again with food and water). The idea of Valtrex/Valcyclovir is to only have to take one pill a day (Acyclovir is just as effective, AND cheaper, but you have to take it 2x/day) but for some, there is an adjustment period (like with anti-depressants) where the body has to learn how to process it ... so by splitting it to start, you keep from overloading your system every morning before it has had a chance to "wake up" ;)


Over time you can try to go to the once a day thing and see how your body deals with it....

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I seemed to have some reaction to the drugs at first. acyclovir. I had a mixed up rx, thought 3 a day was the script. was 2 a day for suppressive. I was also taking a good multi vitamin, lysine 1g a day, krill oil, an emergen-c drink at lunch and just started zinc. so, I stopped all but the rx and multi vitamin and and only took the rx with food and it helped. everything normalized and now I take my krill oil ( I swear that made me feel better in general) emercen-c drink. weather just a coincidence, all the supplements or what im not sure. I plan on staying with suppressive till after the new year and weaning off unless some unlucky woman wants to hang out with me.

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