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Really bad day

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I'm not even sure if this is a good place to put this but I'm having a really bad day. I was diagnosed with ghsv1 about a month ago, I still feel in shock. I feel so angry right now because the guy who gave this to me didn't bother to tell me. Now he wants nothing to do with me and is treating me awful. I'm just feeling sad and alone right now. : (

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This is the PERFECT place to put it! This is what we are here for ... to help you through the tough times.


So - you have ghsv1 - correct? In which case your guy likely gave it to you via Oral Sex. 80% of people have HSV1 orally. 80% of them don't know they have it ... and among those that know they have had "cold sores", the VAST majority don't know they can pass it to a partner's genitals via oral sex... so it's ENTIRELY possible that he didn't know about the risk. If that is the case, he is probably feeling like he's been attacked unfairly which might explain his behavior. OR ...he's just a jerk and you dodged a bullet and be thankful he's your EX.


If you think he may have passed it to you unwittingly, I'd send him the handout, e-book, and Youtube links below (you should check them out too). Tell him you just learned that it's possible he didn't know that he can pass it to someone if he has it orally and that he may want to get informed about the facts ... and then leave it at that. Don't expect thanks or whatever ... you are just doing a Public Service/Pay it Forward to any future women he may encounter.


Don't expect him to be there for you right now. You gave him info that probably blew him away so he's off (likely with no support at all ... at least you found us!) freaking out too. IF he comes back and tells you he didn't realize the oral/genital relationship with HSV1, perhaps you can accept that and you can at least be cordial.... but for now, come here when you need support. That's what we are here for :)



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Mom2one-you are not alone! I'm in same boat, newly diagnosed and dumped by the guy that gave it me. I understand the "feeling alone" thing. I work from home, live 350 miles from my family, and feel a little lost here. But lets promise each to just keep soaking in all the information, support, and encouragement that is always available here on the website. I ALWAYS feel better after reading some of the posts here. I promise you, if we take steps now to stay positive, lean on our support systems, take care of our bodies, and become informed, 6 months from now, we can look back at this crummy time and think "...you know, it hasn't been nearly as bad as I feared!"





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