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Test Results are Back

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Test results are back from a swab of some bumps I had on my butt. HSV1.


I feel both lucky and unlucky at the same time. Unlucky because it is pretty uncommon for people who already have cold-sores orally to get HSV1 sacrally. Even stranger - I have it on my butt and have never had anal sex, or had anyone perform oral there specifically. Lucky because so far, my partner has been supportive and kind. Also lucky because if things don't work out with my current boyfriend (no indication that they won't :D), any future partners I have are statistically likely to have HSV1, and therefore their chance of getting it from me genitally is lowered.


I plan on taking antivirals at least until I know if my partner has HSV1 or not. If he already has it, I'll let it be up to him if he wants me to keep taking them or not. If he doesn't have it, I'm for sure going to keep taking them. I haven't talked to him since I got the test results back, but considering how supportive he's been so far I don't think it will go poorly. Actually, I am looking forward to talking to him about it when I am not crying and talking 100 miles per hour.


The one thing I am curious about is who I got it from. Really, it could be anyone I received oral sex from. Time frame is right for me to have gotten it from my current boyfriend, or a past one. My ex from college had it orally (pretty sure he got it from me - but we had the talk before we started dating and he was okay with it then, and when he got his first OB) but that would have been a long time (over a year and a half) for me to go without having my original OB.


I want to say thanks to everyone here who has been so supportive, as well as offer my support to anyone who needs it. It has been mind blowing to me how similar some others experiences have been, even with sexual issues unrelated to STDs. Please message me if you need support! No one needs to go through this alone.





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