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what about when im old!?!?

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Just outa curiosity..


What happens when we get old?

Like in our 80s and 90s?

Cuz there may not be a vaccine or a cure by then...

i couldnt imagine being like.. 85 and going thru an o.b.! My good ness gracious that would suck!

Any thoufhts? Opinions? Stories?

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Yeah currently there is a thought process that there is an Alzheimer/HSV correlation ... BUT .. they used to believe that women with HSV had a 4x greater risk of cervical cancer... which we now know is related to HPV ... so I'll take all that with a pinch of salt :p


Once you have had H for that long, odds are your body will mostly fight it well. Like @inka and @F&P, I'm more worried about all the other things that come with old age :(

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@WCSDancer2010 doesn't HSV belong to the HPV family, so still applies?


I've been wondering the same thing about old age and compounding health issues. I know it's best not to think about it, but is there anything I can take comfort from? I stupidly read that Alzheimer's risk is doubled.. But 90% have some form of HS - are genital cases supposed to be more accountable?

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@ inka, depends on the type of old you are. im in Gods wating room so I see lots of old folks. some are cool as hell and still get after it. some probably get more booty than you do ( I know they do me, sadface but im not a PYT)


H will just be another thing to make me crochety. "get off my lawn you bastards!!"

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@wcsdancer2010 thanks dancer - to be honest that's all I needed to hear, rather not worry myself by reading about every condition under the sun. It's been stressing me out to a point where the doctor says I'm imagining (or my mind is causing) symptoms! Thanks

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