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Couldn't take waiting anymore so I called the urgent care... On hold for a long time. I knew then. NP came on the line and told me pos for hsv2. She said the number was quite high. Does that mean it's new or old? She Wouldn't even entertain the idea of a blood test because as she said "it's positive so..you already know."


I knew my answer but a small part of me had hope.


How am I going to pick myself up from the ground and get to work in an hour...

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First of all, shame on the NP. It's positive so you already know??? Maybe I'm just having a bad couple of weeks, but that comment just irritates me! I don't know much since I was just diagnosed a couple weeks ago, but I do know that a blood test is the best way to go. If a blood test comes back positive, that means you've had it for prob more than 3-4 months since it takes that amount of time to show positive on a blood test (my case). If you take a blood test and it's negative, take one again in a few months. A negative blood result may mean that your body hasn't built up enough antibodies to show a positive result. I would recommend a PCP instead of an urgent care clinic. If you are like me and do not have a PCP, go to a specialist. I ended up going to the OB/GYN, but I'm not sure if a Urologist would help you (I'm assuming you are a guy since your name is "Theo" - if I'm wrong, my apologies).


Chin up - we are always here. I've spent hours on here getting support from comments made to my posts or just by reading what others have posted. Feel free to message me on here if you are looking for a buddy. Not that it matters, but I'm a 38 year old female from Florida, USA - I only put it out there b/c it seems to matter to some when they are looking for a buddy.

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No I'm a girl. Theo is just my dog's name. I called up my primary doc and she's been really great. She put in orders for IgG and IgM antibody tests right away and I already got the blood drawn. She also refilled my rx. I guess I got the H rockstar status.


So by next week I should know if it's new or old. I'm hoping new since it fits all my flu like symptoms and the timing with this guy. It sounds bad but I just want to know who to the best of my ability to find out. I need a little closure.

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:) I originally named my cat Theo - until I found out she was a girl hahaha


I hope your blood results will at least let you know if you have had this for a while or if it's somewhat new. I myself thought FOR SURE that my current boyfriend gave this to me ... until last week when I got the positive result. Unfortunately though, if it comes back positive, you may never know when/who. I thought for sure that I would still know even if I had a positive result - until I then learned that you don't even have to have sex to get this. And, a condom is only 50% effective. So, ya, that's that. And if you are like me, I live for closure so that has been the most difficult part of all of this, well, that and the fact that my boyfriend is no longer speaking to me, so maybe I don't even have one by this point. Anyway - I really do hope the result gives you the closure you are needing, just prepare yourself for the fact that it might not.

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Don't get me started about the way Dr's approach this ... I see you did at least get your Dr to get the blood draw so that's great... but for anyone reading this, (and @FLNewH you may want to pass this on in future) I STRONGLY suggest that women go to an OBGYN as the first choice, Planned Parenthood as second choice, over PCP/GP's unless they know their Dr is really cooperative AND up to date... even PCP/GP's are often HORRENDOUSLY out of date and often give out really bad information. For guys, I'd say Urologist or Infectious Disease if they can't get to PP. ;)


And a point about condoms. The reason they are only 50% effective is that if the condom doesn't cover the area where you have your OB's, it's pretty useless... that 50% number was taken from the average of a large group of people over time ... if a guy has it on the tip of the penis, odds are the condom will be a lot closer to 100% effective than someone who gets is on the inside of the thigh for instance.... so just keep that in mind ;)



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