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Really silly - swimming and hsv

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Ok this may be overkill. But I believe I have ghsv1. I have young children who like to cling onto mommy while they swim. I am worried if I am shedding and they are clinging onto me in the pool I can give them hsv1 somewhere on their body. What are the risks here. Ugh. Thinking of heading to Florida for a holiday and I have a bit of anxiety.

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I'm very knew to this, but I think that as long as there is not contact between where you have the OB and your daughter's skin, you should be fine? Maybe wear board shorts or something like that when swimming? just something to cover that up a little bit more

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besides that, its getting too cold for swimming down here unless your from the great white north. oh wait. ( sundays low in my area will be in the 40s F)


im thinking that with the amount of chlorine in public pools the virus wouldn't make it .00000000001 seconds outside the body. plus unless heated its going to have a temp of, say 75 degrees F right now. im assuming that 75F isn't a good temp for herpes cause at that temp its host (us) is DEAD therefore it really shouldn't have a survival strategy for that. I could be wrong.

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just out of curiosity - do you usually get it that far up? sorry to sound dumb, I'm kinda new to this. I've noticed pimples on my upper thighs, all around, not just inner like on my butt cheeks (hahaha geez) and was wondering if that was just a "side effect" of the herpes or if those are able to transmit the virus as well. just wondering if that is what you are also getting. they aren't anything like the lesions - just like little bumps. can't really even see them, just feel them.

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You are way over thinking this my friend! Honest. I've had two young girls and I never ever worried about touching, holding, cuddling, playing with, wrestling with, or anything else where their body came in contact with mine. The only reason that we say that you can shed in the boxer shorts area is that for some people that's where they get their an outbreak. IF you happen to have herpes, and you are correct that itis inside, you will not shed from the boxer shorts area. Even so without an actual outbreak they're just coming in contact with that area is very unlikely to spread it to the parts of their body that would be touching yours.


Go ahead and book that vacation have a blast with your kids!.

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@whitedaisies I think if can shed from the general "mucous area", and that condoms are therefore more effective for women...but then add in the fact that women are more easily infected due to having a larger "mucousal" area and it would even it out?

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Actually, @trying it right that it *could* be in the mucosal fluids *if* you are shedding up inside... it's not that the mucosa are producing the virus, it just carries it out. I would say have your partner wash after as odds are there is not a whole lot in the fluids that would be living.... so it would just be a safety measure.

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