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Is it normal for the initial outbreak to have a strong odor?

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My girlfriend has been dealing with some type of outbreak that has had her in excruciating pain for several days. She is an exotic dancer and has had 2 yeast infections in the past 6 months, initially we thought this was just another, but then the pain got worst until she could barely walk. Upon going to planned parenthood the people suggested that she may possibly have herpes. I am confused because I have been checked out for herpes and there is no reason to believe that she has it. The symptoms do seem something like an initial herpes outbreak but there is a strong odor, much like a bad infection. Unfortunately she is also on her period so this is exacerbating the entire situation. I'm just wondering if anybody else has had a similar experience that may be able to shed some light on what may be happening.


Three quick questions

1) what is the likelihood of a dancer contracting herpes from a stripclub?

2) is it common for an infection-like odor to occur with an initial outbreak?

3) what remedies can she use for the pain down there?


She can barely move, is incredibly scared, and says she feels like passing out every time she goes to the bathroom because the pain is so bad. There must be another way than for her than to just wait for the test results, which should be within the next 7 business days (9 days from now). Thank you for any tips or advice. I will certainly update as we learn more so that other people may learn form this experience too.



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do they sterilize the pole between girls? ( herpes doesn't do well outside the body but im thinking if a girl with open sores just spun the pole and another comes up right away and has a cut or something??????)


Does she give extras in the VIP room? ( that's the biggie)


sores can get infected in of themselves but as a guy I haven't any firsthand knowledge on this one.


ibuprofen for pain, peeing in the shower , Epson baths. lots of water to dilute the urine.

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I had a horrid yeast infection once when I was younger. The pain was absolutely excruciating. I couldn't sleep, eat, it was horrific. It could be simple yeast. She can still get seen by doctor with her period. And if she is in that much pain she should go back to the doctor for sure. It could be lots of stuff besides herpes. Herpes doesn't typically leave odour. Yeast will and some other infections. Make sure they swab her for Hsv, yeast and bacterial vaginosis.


Good luck





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Hello and Welcome!


Quick answers...


There's no way she would "catch" genital herpes without some kind of sexual contact. Unlike HIV, Herpes is localized to the nerves where you were initially exposed, so it's not like she would get it from blood or body fluids or the toilet seat ;)


Regarding the odor, some do have that with their OB's ... however, her symptoms of pain on urinating DO concern me ... odds are she either has a bad UTI (I've had that and it is INCREDIBLY painful ... did they test for that?) or Herpes.


While she is waiting on the results, she can try the following stuff that are in this link ... most specifically the Epsom Salts baths (tell her to do them as described), going commando when she can, and drying the area well. Also, get her Cranberry capsules and have her take several every day... if it's a UTI, that may start to get her some relief. It certainly won't hurt anything.


The thing with Herpes is that she could have carried it for YEARS and not known... and odds are unless she knew to ask for the test, she has not been tested .... because even if you ASK to be tested "for everything" they don't usually test for Herpes AND they don't bother to tell you that they are not testing for it :(

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My experience with yeast infections as well as advice from doctors about them, is usually they don't smell too bad. If anything, they smell like your normal vaginal secretions but just a bit stronger. If her discharge is smelling much different from her normal scent, it could be a bacterial infection or something else. The pain is the biggest concern I think! Go have her see a doctor for sure - and she should tell him EVERYTHING that could be related. While some doctors are assholes, most are understanding and compassionate. However, if they don't have the whole story, they might not be able to give a correct diagnosis or screen for the right things.

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