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Anyone else have HSV1 orally and sacrally?

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Long story short - I have had HSV1 orally since I was very young (kindergarten!) and it by and large has been annoying, nothing else. Last week I had my first OB on my bum, and for sure thought I had HSV2. Nope! Two swab tests and a blood test later confirms that I have HSV1 down there as well.


Its really uncommon for someone who has one type already to get it somewhere else. But instead of throwing myself a pity party, I've decided to be grateful for a supportive partner and only having to deal with one virus instead of two. The anxiety is there for sure, but I've been pretty good at beating it back with a stick.


However! Because this is relatively uncommon, I can find very few resources on what to expect! Do I assume that I will have HSV1 OBs orally and sacrally as common as I would have them if I just had it one place? Do I expect to get fewer OBs downstairs? Will I have more oral OBs? Are meds going to be as effective as they would be for someone who only has it in one area?


Current OB is healing fast - thankful for that! But last night I got the beginning of a cold-sore on my lip! I've been hammering it with abreva, L-lysine, vitamin C and licorice tea, and already it seems to be settling down before it gets to full blister mode. But since I'm already on valtrax for my bum OB, I'm curious as to why I got one at all.


Is anyone else in the same boat? Do you know of any info specifically for people who have HSV1 in two places?

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Well, I can't speak from experience but given that you already have the antibodies, you should hopefully get control of it much faster than someone with their first ever OB. As for frequency in either area ... there's not going to be any one answer ... although odds are you will get fewer down below simply because HSV1 doesn't like the living accommodations as much there so it sulks and doesn't come out as much :p


Odds are the cold sore is because your body is back in fight mode and the residents up top decided to join the party because you are already under immune-stress mode.


You may get a few others to chime in (I know we have others on here with HSV1 in both places) ... but this is at least a starting point for you :)

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