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Good Read: Agenus Vaccine Shows Significant Reduction in Viral Burden after HerpV Generated Immune

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Maybe people know about this or maybe not, but thought it was a good read and interesting on how some new companies are focusing on T-Cell boosting rather than B-cell boosting which I believe is what the current antivirals do. In any case it looks/sounds promising, but hard to say at this point.



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now the FDA will find a way to shut it down, much like the one I mentioned because it had toxicity in monkeys at 900 TIMES THE NORMAL DOSE, fuckstockings. 1 400 mg pill a week for almost no OBS and 1% shedding.


we my friends are pooched. a cure will never happen. a preventative vaccine ,....... maybe and either by accident or concurrence a therapeutic one. unless the US pharmaceutical companies currently bribing, er lobbying congerss can make a ton of money, it will never be allowed thru phase 3 trials.

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I pray you are wrong @seeker and I am hoping the small % of people who know and get treatment outweighs the high percentage who would get the preventative, and even as a "functional cure" I would be willing to pay a big amount every year to have booster if transmission was vastly decreased over valtrex, hopefully it works like that.

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@ trying I would love to be wrong but its all about money. despite all the propaganda TV shows about doctors. we live in a corporate republic, by and for the wealthy. if it doesn't have a huge return on it, it isn't happening. im not being pessimistic here just realistic. heck they way this virus is, even an accidental cure would be hard to come by. lets say someone with herpes several years joins a test group and the drug/vaccine they are given does cure them. wait, if they were only having 1-2 OBs a year, how would they notice the cure? would it be part of what they look at? it would make testing exponentially more expensive to have to monitor every single thing each pill or vaccine might accidentally help.

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I don't know if my pessimistic streak is less because I live in Australia and the government covers all out medical expenses, or because I trust ian, or because I think herpes isn't aids or cancer and most people don't even get treatment....or because I just need to have hope...

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I just did a cursory, Halloween eve look, any more info on this? like will you be able to take your antivirals, etc? im 49 till mid next year and have reproduced with zero chance of makin babies later so I wouldn't be opposed to being a test subject. ill try the number during the upcoming week, have the wee one starting tomorrow and discussing herpes isn't high on my agenda.

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