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I'm becoming a regular at Planned Parenthood

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Three visits since last Monday. Do I at least get a cookie? :P All joking aside, PP called me again to tell me I have chlamydia. Idk if this is even the right place to post this, but you've all been so wonderful and supportive and someone on here has to have had this too since it's so incredibly common. Anyway, I went in, took my antibiotics, told my boyfriend and past partners to go get tested for this too, blahblahblah.


I'm just kind of down in the dumps because whoever gave me H probably gave me chlamydia. I'm positive it wasn't my boyfriend who gave my chlamydia because I was tested last October when he had been my only partner. Unless his ex he got back with during our breakup had picked up something while they were broken up, and then he gave it to me when we got back together. But I highly doubt that. My rapist likely didn't give me chlamydia because he wore a condom. That leaves two people. I want to wring their necks, but I know they likely didn't know. I'm just frustrated and sad and worried that I may have something else. I have my annual next week and will just see about a full test then.


I'm worried I'm infertile now. If I got it from one of my two past partners, I've had this almost a year. Having a family of my own is my biggest dream. I would be crushed if I can't have my own children now. Has anyone one here had a similar experience? How did it turn out? I'm just so worried I'll never be able to have my babies grow inside me and experience what pregnancy is like...

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Hey I read if you get chlamydia twice you have 50% chance of being infertile as the second time it's more likely to do damage and cause pelvic inflammatory disease.

I know a lot of people who have had it once and gone onto have babies so fingers crossed you are fine, maybe they can do ultraound to have a look at scar tissue, I think that's where the problem lies.

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Thanks! I actually think it's PID as a result of ch. that causes infertility, not the ch. itself. Idk. That's just how I read it after some more research. So far the odds have not been in my favor though lol. I guess I'll just have to wait until my annual next Friday grr.

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I think youll be fine. I know loootttss of my old girlfriends have had ch. And still proceeded with babies.

One girl had it twice and shes not worried about it.

Keep happy thoughts, whatever happens, happens, and something beautiful will be a result. Regardless if its what u thought u wanted or not.

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