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Dr. Leone enrolling a herpes vaccine research study (AND it pays!)

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Hey all!


I just got a message from Dr. Peter Leone — the awesome guy I interview in this video:

(and one of the top herpes researchers in the world) — and he's currently enrolling for a research study for a vaccine that hopes to decrease the frequency of herpes outbreaks.


Here's a screenshot of the flyer with all the details:



If you're interested, call Erin at (919) 843-0720 or email [email protected]


And yes, you could get up to $2,150 in compensation. That's what we call a win-win, folks. ;)

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Studies like this usually partner up with different clinics around the country. My dad was part of an Alzheimers study last year. The clinic he went to was one of many around the United States taking part. I figure to be eligible to take part you would need to live near a facility taking part. I sent an email yesterday, hopefully that information will be in the reply.

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From my understanding, there is a higher likelihood of someone over 50 having a compromised immune system, thus risking an unfavorable disease response to an experimental treatment. The researchers want an experimental drug to appear highly efficacious in order to get it approved, and do not want skewed data resulting from older folks with potentially compromised immune systems.

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age and stealth will always beat youth and ability.


and almost every under 28 guy ive met has no " want to" maybe stamina if they are jogging on a track but not when it comes to applicable strength and stamina. " im hungry" 1 hour into work, " I need to sit down" 30 minutes into doing anything physical.

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hmm, while sofia has a nice shape I don't find her all that pretty. she was prettier back when modern family started. the blonde on the show however, esp back at the start of the show before she got all anorexic, she got wayyy tooo thin for me. I cant stand it when a womans knees are bigger than her thighs, thighs need to be a little thick for me. :)

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Just got off the phone with them. It is interesting but I'm mulling the 11 trips to UNC (3.5hr drive). Work is flexible but I don't think that flexible. On top of that I have to confer with my partner about me going off of suppressive therapy, which I dont know if I feel comfortable putting that strain on this relationship just yet. Going to mull it over for the night and get back to them in the AM.


As for the secondary statements in here. I tend to prefer an "older" woman with a good shape. Age is a number but taking care of yourself is far sexier than youth. Shows you have staying power :)

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Lol I wasn't calling anyone old. Age is just a number and "old" is more of a state of mind, IMO. Just stating the reasons I have read as to why many trials will not accept people over 50. And yes, any vaccine approved for HSV 2 should give great cross therapy for HSV 1, considering the two viruses are nearly (98%) identical in protein structure, as compared to only ~50% identical to HHV 3 (shingles). Now, if a vaccine is ONLY approved for HSV2, you may run into issues with doctors ordering the treatment off label for HSV 1, insurance not convering it, etc. But, it my experience, doctors generally are ignorant about the physiological differences between HSV 1 & 2, and misdiagnoses abound... So I dunno how it will shake out, we'll see..

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