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new- symptoms? pregnancy with herpes 2?

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Hi all!

First of all, I am so glad to have found this site! My BF was diagnosed with H2 almost a year ago, and I've hard a hard time finding good info out there! (besides just the factual websites! Not everyone has classical everything!!)


My bf and I have been together for a while now. I love him dearly and wouldnt change anything about him. Before we started sleeping together, we both got tested for STDs. He came back positive for Herpes type 2. He said he has never ever had symptoms, so this was shocking to both of us. I told him I didn't care about this diagnosis, as I loved him just the same. So, we talked about our plans, and decided we will always use condoms, and he takes valtrex once a day. We have never seen an outbreak, but once again, he said he has never seen one to begin with.


I dont have it (that I know of), but deep down inside, I am scared I could get it or do have it. We do want kids, and would like to start a family in the next few years years. After having kids, I honestly don't care so much about contracting it, but I worry about getting it before or during pregnancy. The problem is, I work in the hospital, and dont want all my co-workers knowing I have it (If I do). I know, it's selfish, but I work with all women! They all talk. After I have children and no one in the hospital knows, I honestly dont care so much if I have it or not.


1. Has anyone had it and gone through pregnancy with it. What precautions did they take? What did your OB say? Did they do tests after your baby was born? I briefly talked to my Ob/gyn's nurse on the phone when my bf was diagnosed, but havent had an annual apt since he was diagnosed. So no doctor advice.


We have only used condoms when having sex. He has never had an outbreak that we have seen. I have never had symptoms, but It sounds like everyone has their own symptoms. Not everyone has the classical symptoms. Would it be wise for me to go get tested every few months, or just wait for my annual at my gyno office and then get tested? (I have an apt in 4 months) Ive been a little itchy down there, but I'm also on antibiotics, so I don't know if it's related to that. I've had a few small bumps, but nothing close to my vagina or anus- mostly near my legs, probably b/c I didn't dry my legs or whatnot. They are nothing horribly painful like what most people describe here. I would say they are more like pimples (yes, I have adult acne on my face and upper back). No tingling, fever, backache, etc. What do you guys think? I believe I've had stuff like this in the past, but now I'm just more paranoid.


1. Did anyone have non specific signs before they were diagnosed?

2. Should we do anything different?

3. If you were/are negative, how often do you get tested? Or if your partner is negative, how often does she/he get tested? or does she?


Any insight on anything would be helpful! Ive been searching for info for months now, and am glad to have finally found a board!! :)


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I had hsv while I was pregnant. As I only had one ob at the beginning of my pregnancy my Dr did not have much concern. She said during the last month i could b placed on antivirals but as I did not have anymore obs I was not put on anything. I had my baby and h was not a concern. When he was born they placed some cream in his eyes to ensure he was safe and that was it. My baby came out perfect no problems!

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OK - so ... first, I'd like to know what his numbers were on his "positive" test. Because if it was under 3.5, (but over 1.1), it's *possible* he could have a false positive. So I'd want to definitely establish that he is H+. The reason I question it is that most Dr's (ESPECIALLY PcP's and GPs) are HORRENDOUSLY under-educated about Herpes and don't know that there is a 40% false positive rate for H between those numbers (1.1-3.5).


SO: if his numbers were over 3.5 .... don't worry. It sounds like you are H- right now. I've been in a couple relationships with H- men (two 3-yr relationships). Didn't use condoms but did use antivirals with one. Neither got it from me, BUT, us women are at twice the risk as men are... so we need to me cautious.


I would discuss this with your OBGYN. Perhaps while you are trying to get pregnant, he could up the antivirals. I've also heard recently that there is a thought that if the H- person takes the antivirals, it *may* protect them to some degree. (I have not found any scientific evidence to back it up, but it may be worth a try).


I have had 2 babies with Herpes. The first way by Cesarean ... the Dr I had then (in the 80's) scared me into it. I found out later that I didn't need to have it... and fought to change Dr's so I could have my second naturally (which I did finally find a Dr who would let me have a vaginal birth after a Cesarean as well as with Herpes.) They did a blood test 6 months post delivery as a precaution, but that was it.


I would get tested before you start trying to get pregnant. I know this may sound crazy, but assuming he is H+ (if he doesn't know his numbers, get him re-tested), why not try using a condom and cut a small hole in the end so the swimmers get out but if it's on his shaft, you won't get exposed? Just trying to think about how to protect you, because the *worst* time to get H is when you are pregnant because then your body is trying to grow the baby AND learn how to fight the virus...


I would talk to you OBGYN before you start trying to get pregnant. See what their protocol is. See if it sounds like it will work for YOU. Get both of you tested again (if he doesn't have his results handy). And make a plan of action with the Dr. ;)



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