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Bactine for Oral (and even Genital) Herpes????

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So all the folks who have been around know I am a fan of Ammonium Alum because its cheap and dries up lesions pretty quickly ... but it's not easy to find and it stings like crazy.


My daughter turned me on to Oragel's "Two Single Dose" vials last year and I finally had an oral OB a few weeks ago, so I tried it as soon as I felt it starting to come up and by that night I could already feel it drying out (BTW, if you try this you can get a few applications out of it by using some saran wrap to keep it from drying out) The downside to this is that the 2 vials can cost upwards of $18 (OUCH!) ... best price I have found was about $12 on Amazon... but certainly it's useful to have in your purse or perhaps in a drawer at work.


I was looking on Amazon for the Oragel to show someone today and came across a review that said that Bactine has the *SAME* active ingredients at the *same* percentage (Benzalkonium Cl 0.13% and Lidocaine) as the Oragel Single Dose. So I checked it out and it's TRUE!


Soooo... wondering if some of you want to try this out for me (I have so few OB's I may not need it for awhile) ... it's only about $6/bottle and it will last you forever .... just apply with a qtip to the affected areas and see if it actually dries them out. I'm wondering if it would work genitally as well so anyone want's to give it a go, please let me know how it works there as well. If nothing else, the lidocaine will help with the pain and it should help to keep any extra irritation from bacteria down....but by all accounts, given that it's the exact same thing as the Oragel Single Dose, this *should* work just as well ;)


You can probably get Bactine at your local store but if not, you can find it here:



And the Oragel Single Dose is here FYI



I'd love to get feedback about if this works ... I'm cautiously optimistic that it should do the job....


Here's hoping!!!

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I was using Bactine on my "papercuts" before I ever knew I had hsv2 and was diagnosed. Each month I would get them usually after sex or during the week of my period. The lidocaine did help a lot with the pain, but I had to reapply throughout the day so I took it to work too. I have the spray version. I'm not sure if it made them heal faster, but they didn't multiply and they didn't get worse. I think from what I've read and others experiences, I think it did help to heal them a little faster compared to the norm. And this was before I was diagnosed and started on the antivirals. I DIDN'T use Bactine on the outbreak I had during diagnosis, and took Acyclovir instead. It was the longest outbreak I've had yet, so maybe there is something to be said for the Bactine....

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Thanks for sharing your experience. The Oragel single dose kicks ass on the oral sores I get but the stuff is about $9/vial ....(useful to have one in a drawer at work or in purse but that shit is EXPENSIVE considering it's the same thing as Bactine) ... certainly with the price of Bactine at least we can re-apply is much more frequently as well ;)

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@steve1101 I can tell you from experience if you're having pain from an internal OB in the mouth, pure clove oil is the way to go. Any of the stuff made specifically for that needed constant application, but people who used clove oil even for dry sockets, where pain meds did nothing, got relief from ckove pil. I only needed to apply it two or 3xs a day when I had a root canal done. Just used a qtip go dip in the bottle and it numbed it immediately.

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Well, given that Bactine is the EXACT same thing as Oragel Single Dose, which runs about $18 for TWO doses!!! AACK! Yes, it should work there too. The only difference is the very convenient applicator that OSD has (which is why I keep one with me in my purse at all times, to zap any now OB's I may feel coming on when I'm away from home).... yes, try it on the oral H as well


And clove oil is definitely good for the pain - people used to chew up a clove and put it on bee stings to take away the pain.

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