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im from Venezuela and i have Herpes.. im feel so alone

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Hi people... im from Venezuela and i have herpes... sice 2 years ago... its so hard for me this situation.. i cant find nobody to talk about it.. i have boyfriend ( he give that virus) but we are not ok.. this virus divide us... everydays i only think in suicide.. i have brokendreams i have 28 years. i want to know some people like me..girls boys whatever... some people ... please HELP

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Hello and Welcome!


You are FAR from alone. Here in the USA, 15-20% of people have Herpes. I have had Herpes for over 35 years ... and I can promise you that this virus is NOT worth considering suicide. Yes, it is a nuisance and yes it can be a pain at times, but it is really a very small thing in the grand scheme of things. Promise.


Hopefully someone will come on here who can converse with you in your own language so that you can feel less alone ;)



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Te aseguro que no estas sola. Hay millones de personas que tienen esta condicion. Al principio puede ser dificil de aceptar pero con el tiempo te sentiras mejor fisicamente y mentalmente. Por favor no piense en suicidio. Dese tiempo para aprender a vivir con esta condicion.

No te preocupes por el. Tu tienes que quidarte a ti misma. Nosotros estamos aqui para ayudarte.

Que preguntas tienes?


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Think of it this way suiside is a permanent solution for a temporary perception of your problem. Yes herpes can give loads of shame and make u feel very isolated. Especially if u r newly diagnosed. I can only speak from my own experiences I've had it for 15 years in the beginning I cried daily felt like life was over. Well time heals all I never cry over this anymore its just something I have to live with and to b honest I hardly ever think about it unlill recently and that is only cause I've decided to live SHAMELESSLY with this still not in some corner like worth nothing. I hope u to r able to start the process of changing your perception of your wounderful self. U do not deserve a death sentence over herpes!

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howdy and welcome. feel free to chat, cry, laugh, flirt or whatever you need to help you out. pretty decent folk here. And no suicide is definitely not the answer. I may not LIKE having herpes but I can LIVE with it. plus id like to see my son grow up and one day be a goofy grandpa.

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