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Concerns I have acquired Herpes. Any help is appreciated!

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Hello all,

This board has been a great source of information! I am dating a girl who is HSV2 positive genitally. She has had it for years, and is on suppressive therapy. I have never been tested for the virus before. We discussed the risks beforehand and agreed we would not engage in anything if she was having an outbreak. We had our first sexual episode 19 days ago. To be specific, we were both naked, and I used my hand/finger to pleasure her in/on her vagina. Afterwards, she performed oral on me unprotected, and finished me to orgasm with her hand. No protection was used in either case. I really didn't think we did anything that would have put me at risk for getting the HSV2 from her. About 3 days afterward I woke up and noticed a small blister-like sore on my inner thigh, halfway between my knee and groin area. It seemed to be a little itchy, and looked like I broke it open because it was probably bothering me during sleep. It seemed to be dry really quickly, and just looked like a little broken skin after a day or 2. It appears to have a leg hair right in the middle of it. At this point 15 days later it just looks like a barely visible red mark. At day 4 or 5 after sex, I noticed at the gym that I felt rundown and didn't have nearly the energy I usually do during workouts. The other symptoms that I have noticed that are ongoing are a little pain from my penis. It feels like there is a low grade pain just inside the tip. I have also had tingling sensations that I feel on both thighs from the tops down to my knees. It kind of comes and goes. The best way I can describe it is not pain, but the tingling almost feels like if you put clothes on out of the dryer that have a lot of static built up in them. Sorry, I am trying to be as descriptive as possible! I don't know if this is pertinent, but I have anxiety, and this situation has really added to it. It would not surprise me if some of this is psychosomatic in nature. No other rashes or lesions to speak of. How much risk were the things I did with her? What should my next steps be if these symptoms continue? Does this sound like I have gotten HSV from my partner? I have a doctors appointment with a general practitioner/internal medicine doctor on Monday. Would I be better off going to a clinic/planned parenthood type place? What tests should I have him do ? From reading, I guess a herpes test is not going to be conclusive after such a short time. I thought I would have him do a full STD panel to get some more info. Sorry this is so long. Wanted to get down all the info I could think of. I'd like to get as much experienced information as possible. Any insight and information is very much appreciated!

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I am unsure of the risk factors with unprotected sex when it comes to HSV however I know there is more risk without protection than their is with protection. I am glad to hear you made an appointment to see someone and hopefully you can get this all sorted out, I recommend a blood test. As for which agencies you should go to I am unsure of that, however I would think either or is fine. A full screening would be ideal just to make sure. And of course next time you have sex wearing protection is ideal, whether you have condoms, dams (real ones or made from condoms or saran wrap), or gloves. You come to the right place, just breathe! :)

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Hello and Welcome!


Well, my guess would be that you are over thinking this. If her genitals didn't come in contact with your leg/genitals it couldn't have traveled magically to those areas on it's own nor through her mouth. Your risk of getting Herpes with full on sex with her on supressives would be about 2%. With hand/oral play, it should be too minimal to measure ;)


Not a bad thing for you to get tested anyway because you *should* know your full status anyway so make sure you get the IGG test for Herpes. A recent exposure will not show up yet (and don't bother with the IGM test for recent exposure .. it's useless). Many PCP's are very poorly informed so you will have to judge whether you believe they are up to date enough to go there ... but Planned Parenthood is a great option and you should get some great advice there ... after all, they deal with STDs every day ;)


If you suffer from anxiety then you will want to get therapy to learn how to not worry every time you get intimate with your partner..... there are great coping skills that you can learn.... to help you AND to allow her to not have to worry about how much you may freak out every time you get together ;)



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