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what do u think about medication? i dont use it since 1 year ... SECUNDARY EFFECTS

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Hi guys i want to know your oppinion about the medication

i decided to not used it. cuz when i used that i felt so bad...

sick.. and the virus attack me more stronge and again and again...

one day i decided not use anymore and i try to cure myself only by the natural way

i spent a lot of time tasted and read and now i used a wonderfull plant

the name is NEEM. u have to search about it ... well i boil the neem in water and then warm in the bathtub and

i take a good bath for 30 minutes... I RECOMEND A LOT .. tell me about you.

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NEEM has many uses... everything from an insect repellent (you will see it a lot here as an ingredient) and seems to have antibacterial and anti-viral properties. It's also an astringent, so it will help to dry things like lesions out. It's used for tons of things. ....




Never heard of it being used for Herpes but heck, it's got the potential to be useful based on the properties I mentioned, so if it works for you, that's awesome. Many people have issues with the meds ... and it never hurts to attack it from the outside as well anyways so we can add this to the list of things to try :)

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Some people have side effects like nausea and body aches and such with them. Others (like me) dont have any side effects. And if you already have kidney and liver issues you should talk about any risks with your Dr (which is normal for many meds because those are the organs of elimination and thus may not work well with some meds if they are already compromised)

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ohhh IM SOOOO SOOO GLAD because .. i want to tell u about NEEM , NEEM work for me... is amazing i used when i feel the symptoms.. well in the begining i bought in natural medicine shops.. but them some people say me.. look this tree exist in everywhere. only u have to see around u.. and in my country i can find it in everywhere.. i take leaves and i do that i told u.. and my health improves immediately.. i was thinking to do a medicine.. it works a lot.. please do it.. and search about it.. not secundary effects... PD sorry for my english im from Venezuela and i cant write good. i hope u can understand me ...


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