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My Very First Herpes Outbreak?

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Hi all,


Sooooo, I think I may be having my very first outbreak but I'm not sure. I was diagnosed with a blood test. It just doesn't seem like what I would have thought since I think of "herpes", I think of "blisters" right away. But that's not what's going on and I can't get any definitive information from the Internet (surprise, surprise). I figured I'd reach out here before bothering my doctor and having to come up with a co-pay. . . . It started about 3 days ago with a general itchy and sore feeling "down there". I now have 3 very small red sores near my anus but no blisters. They feel raw and tender. I have been monitoring with a mirror twice daily. I checked just now and my inner labia are pretty swollen and red now. Aching too. Is this normal? I'm sorry for the TMI I but I know there will be no judgement. Help?!?!

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LOL - there's NO TMI here - we have to talk about these things to help you guys and we are all adults here. Hell, if we could talk about sex issues like adults over our Starbucks more we likely wouldn't have half the sexual issues that we do in this country :p


Yeah - that may be how *you* present with Herpes..... its this kind of thing that keeps some people from learning that they have H because they may just expect that they have a yeast infection or razor burn or whatever. I can't remember if I posted the Treatment links but I'll post them below for you ... the more you attack it from the outside the faster you can help your body to knock it down :)








Links to some of the items suggested in the links

http://tinyurl.com/pmosahc Link to Alum


http://tinyurl.com/bactine (I just bought some today, used it on an OB on my mouth and it *may* be shrinking already )


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