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Fourth disclosure!

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I have'nt been on the website for a while but I just wanted to share since the conversations on the website helped me a lot when I found out I had HSV. Its going to be 2 years since I found out and this experience has helped me grow and I honestly think it has made me stronger. My first disclosure was the hardest, I was really nervous about having the conversation, but I wanted to be honest with him, he stopped talking to me a week after I told him I had herpes. I had to admit it hurt, I cried, and I did'nt want to go through that again, it was the first the time someone rejected me, but I had to be honest and I respected his decision and I just got over it after some time. After that I had two other disclosures and they went well I had a relationship, and they accepted me for who I am, they were always really understanding, but things did'nt work for other reasons that had nothing to do with herpes. I feel that being honest and sharing something so personal makes people appreciate you even more, its not easy telling people that you have herpes but as you educate yourself about the disease you realize that the virus is not the problem here but the stigma behind it and how you let it affect you. I see this as a lesson that has help me get to know me better, to become a better and stronger person. So last night I had my fourth disclosure, I had been talking to this amazing guy and I felt like it was time for me to disclose, he took it really well and he told me that this would not change the relationship we have Im excited to see what is going to happen with this new relationship. No matter how many disclosures you have, you still get nervous about disclosing but it gets easier every time, if someone really wants to be with you they are going to accept you for who you are and a virus is not going to scared them away, always be honest, educate them, and things will fall into place. :)

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I've been down the last couple of days and needed to read something like this. I'm not used to being rejected pre H, but I am trying to mentally prepare myself for there now being a great possibility I will experience it in he future.


It's hard (just about impossible this early on) to ignore the fact that I have now have H, but I try really hard to think of all the other good things I can bring to a relationship. Will have to see how well that goes once I decide to hit the dating scene again.

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Happy for you! Thanks for sharing! Posts like this give me hope! I haven't had to disclose yet, but I know the time is coming and it makes me completely SICK to my stomach.. It's all I think about, day and night... The mental aspect of H is almost worse than the physical!!! Good luck with your new relationship :-)

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