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Is this herpes

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I realized what i thought was pimple is probably a cold sore a day after i engaged in unprotected oral sex and protected vaginal sex with my boyfriend. I now have pain in my back and legs and my labia minora has two symmetrical perfectly straight lines of irritation that is slightly bumpy. does this sound like herpes i really hope it isn't because i know my boyfriend will break up with me and i love him so much and he is really the perfect guy for me and this will ruin my life I'm only 18 years old a freshman in college and i feel like if i do have herpes and me and my current boyfriend break up i will never be able to find someone anytime soon because people my age aren't very accepting of herpes

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big deap breath.... and breathe!!!

I have to say .. *if* this is herpes.... its likely that ur bf gave it to you.

Its also likely he doesnt even know he has it, if he did.

so as for him breaking up with u over this, its best if you both get educated on herpes, so you both know, and then you can work on your relationship as a team.


I think your best bet is to go to a doctor and get the area swabbed. This should give u the best results when it comes to testing....

as for the bumpy part... just i.m.o., it sounds like hpv (maybe warts) not hsv...

again. Best way of knowing is to get tested. And you need to tell the doc what u want to get tested for as most places dont test for herpes... even when u say "test me for everything".


I think the loss of appetite is probably from stress from a combi ation of this situation, and college.


If it is herpes, i know this sounds crazy, but it really isnt a big deal. It seems kike it at the time i know... ive been there... but i mean ive had this annoying lil skin condition since january... and it hasnt really been an issue.


Check out this video.. its about 8 mins.


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Thank you so much for responding willow does it sound like warts to you even though it conveniently happened right after I had a cold sore? Would genital warts cause the unusual pain in my back and I'm also feeling pretty down in the dumps just in general

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Well im no doctor, im just a 25 yr old girl recently diagnosed with h.

are u sure it was a coldsore?

Does ur bf get coldsores?

And as for pain.. im not sure.

i had hpv 7 years ago, and my only sympton was 2 bumpy sections. No pain.


Are you able to get yourself to a walkin today?

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I've never seen him with a cold sore but no I'm not and what makes me think that it couldn't be herpes is that it is symmetrical on both sides of labia minora right next to vaginal opening I also have white chunky discharge sitting on vaginal opening

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So heres a link on stds. Its more of a funny blog a man wrote. Im gonna post them for you just because the more info you have, the less nerve racking it is. Right? And you gotta be able to laugh at it once and a while..


thid one is a bit more info on h. Its a download. And super helpful even if you dont end up with herpes. https://myopportunity.leadpages.net/free-e-book/


So you have a few things i need u to do today.

1. Ask your bf if he has ever gotten coldsores before.

2. Figure out if youve ever gotten coldsores as a kid.

3. find out if you can go in to a clinic somewhere and get tested. Swab lip. Swab vag. And blood test

4. Find a funny video on youtube, and try not to stress too much about what msy or may not be. Cuz as i said... even if it herpes, youll be alright. I promise.

5. Keep us posted on results!!




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@inka sorry for bothering you but i just can't go to the doctor today and am freaking out a lot but the bumps are in a line but theres a lot of red irritation around them going about half way up my inner labia I just am not sure if i should rule out herpes because of that its not really a rash its just really red and irritated also when i had sex about a week ago we used a spermicidal condom could that have anything to do with it sorry I'm just really concerned

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Hello and Welcome!


As @willow said... BREATHE! I'm quite sure that your loss of appetite is being caused by the anxiety you are putting on yourself. So again BREATHE!


I will defer to @inka about the VP. That's a new one to me. But I'd like some info please:


Have you always had cold sores? BTW, if you do, you are with 60% of the population at your age ... most people get cold sores as young children (I got mine around age 4) and many have no idea that they ever had them.


If so, then I would suggest that you get the information from the handouts (links below) and have a talk with the BF. While most people don't "disclose" about cold sores, given that you had an OB right after sex, it's probably a good idea that he understands that one can get genital Herpes from oral sex (and that odds are he's been exposed before and been lucky and he will be exposed again in the future if he breaks off with you because most people have no idea that they have it). Let him know that any time that you have any irritation around your mouth you may have to turn down giving him oral because you want to protect him. If you have frequent OB's then maybe you will want to go on antivirals for awhile.


As for your your current cold sore, well, the irritation from giving the blow job may have set it off. Or sunshine. Or certain foods. Or stress from school. Or stress in general. And if those triggers happened during or after the act, he will be fine. If it happened before, well, there will be a *chance* that he got something BUT odds are still in his favor for not having it.


AND, if he already has the HSV1 virus from cold sores himself he has even better chance of not getting it.


Thing is, you BOTH need to get fully tested for STD's (odds are neither of you have been tested for Herpes even if you have been tested for everything else ... so he needs to be educated about that) Given that you sound like you have figured out that cold sores can cause genital herpes, this is the perfect time to talk to him about that. The test will be for YOUR safety as well ... there are things guys can carry silently that really wreak havoc with our reproductive systems that you need to be tested for. Planned parenthood is a great place to go together and ask them to educate them about what you really need to know while you are BOTH there.


i love him so much and he is really the perfect guy for me and this will ruin my life I'm only 18 years old a freshman in college and i feel like if i do have herpes and me and my current boyfriend break up i will never be able to find someone anytime soon because people my age aren't very accepting of herpes


Well, take it from an old fart. He's not the only guy in the world who will love you, with or without Herpes. Promise. Don't put all your power on him ... and read all the Success Stories on here ... we have TONS of young people like yourself on here who have found love with a H- partner :) But for now, lets just get you tested and educated, ok?



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ive never had cold sores before that I can remember but to you does what I'm describing sound like herpes to you? There's a line of bumps on either side of my labia minora right above the vaginal opening and the whole area is red and it is painful I've just never heard of anyone with herpes that had it in a line on both sides

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Well if you acquired a cold sore from your BF when you had sex it wouldn't "travel" to your vagina magically so given your story I agree with @inka and @willow ... not convinced you have Herpes. But as willow said - get it swabbed tomorrow and get your lady bits looked at. Planned Parenthood should let you do a walk in.

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I'm just concerned I have a cold sore have my bf oral putting the virus on his penis and then when we had sex we did use a condom he gave it to me then also about 4 days before we had sex we had Ora sex and I rubbed my vagina on his dick but we didn't have penetrative sex

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