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Herpes Whitlow??

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Sorry I have been MIA everyone a lot has gone on this last month and a half.... Some good that ill probably talk about later some bad that I don't want to talk about and 1 thing that i'm confused about that is H related. So if u all remember I have had h2 for 4 years. And haven't gotten an ob in awhile.... Usually I get 1 a year. Well yesterday I woke up with what felt like in ingrown nail or infected finger from having my nail cut really short.... Then later in the day I got 2 bumps on the side of that finger.... Near the second joint. My finger is burning and painful to the touch..... What my q is.... Is this a whitlow or just unrelated blister or warts!! It's driving me nuts! To me this is worse then my genital h because this can easily be passed to my son. I just am devistated and in so much pain. I don't understand how my genital hsv is now popping up somewhere else now. If anyone has any insight please respond

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I've heard the same that it's very difficult to spread herpes to other parts of your body, but that it is always possible. Why don't you just go to the doctor/clinic? You'll have an answer quick instead of worrying about it. :)

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Update***** went to the doctor and she said its a bacterial infection and that its very rare if not impossible to spread it somewhere else..... I know I've read differently and ears differently but she insisted and did not do a swab or anything like that..... The 2 blisters are not open.... Maybe that is why. But yea she put me in an antibiotic. I still can't help but feel really paranoid however..... I do t know maybe I should get a second opinion, but this was my primary who has been my dr my entire life, and I should trust her knowledge. I just wish for my own sanity she would have done a swab.... I don't want to pass this to my son and with diaper changes and baths it could be very easy..... Ahhh I'm so torn

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give the antibiotics some time to kick in. if you're still feeling paranoid, get a swab test. after my initial genital infection i developed a "sort of cold sore" looking thing on my mouth. the doctor said not to worry, but i shelled out the money for a swab test. my mind runs wild and for me it was nice peace of mind.

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  • 4 years later...

Hi! I have had for one month one small blister along the cuticle of index finger with a reddened area. It became painful and being a musician I was concerned about my hands. My Dr took a blood lab for herpes whitlow that was negative. He prescribed Cefelexin 500mg 4 times a day and 28 pills. That has made no difference. Should I request a dermatologist? What is the real definitive test for herpes whitlow? Going by photos I'm guessing that's what it is. It's impossible I could have received it through sex. A lady I've helped by random acts of kindness with grocery shopping and other errands who is also somewhat mentally challenged from years of drug abuse about a month ago was very happy to see me sitting on a park bench and sat very close to me.

She isn't really aware so much at times about bathing and her hair will be at times disheveled and greasy-like because of it. She was cheerful and reached for my hand. She had never done that before in the several years I've done things for her. For twenty minutes or more when I was sitting on a park bench she held my hand and at times in both of hers while she talked very cheerfully, in one of her euphoric kind of moods. It was that same hand I have acquired this strange blister that appears to have clear fluid in it. Could I have gotten Herpes Whitlow from her holding my hand? I still don't know if I have it for sure, but it certainly looks like it no matter what the Dr said. Actually the Dr was quiet and asked about sex and I can be 100% sure that is not a factor in my case. I live alone and don't go out in public all that often. Some people shake my hand after I perform at music jams and open mics in some of the coffee houses around the city where I live. I'm very concerned and don't know what my next step should be. I'm thinking of just going over my Dr's head and seeing a dermatologist. Thanks for having this website! Kindest Regards, Winfred

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@Kaande05 What you describe sounds similar to something that I've had for years, long before I acquired genital herpes. Not only do I get these painful, slightly itchy bumps on my fingers, but I also get them on my toes. It's worse during the winter months, but happens year-round. (I have some on my right hand at the moment, on my index finger.) My mother and her mother have also had this happen their entire lives. We always assumed it was some kind of allergy to soaps or the sun. I never asked the doctor about it because it didn't really concern me, but last year I looked online to see what I could find about it, after getting the bumps on my toes. What I have, and probably my mother and grandmother, is most likely Chilblains (Also called Pernio). I'm including a couple of links for you to see if it could possibly be what you're experiencing. Don't get too worked up about the possibility of Herpes Whitlow. There are so many skin conditions that can resemble Herpes, and having Herpes can make us automatically assume it has spread elsewhere! :)





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