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First outbreak questions- in a lot of pain

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So I'm having my first outbreak and I thought I was going to die from the pain, which made me feel like a whiner/wuss but once I read how many people have trouble dealing with the first outbreak I started to feel better. I just hope after this is healed that I remain healthy to avoid another hell outbreak like this, ‘cause I don't know how much I can take this. I have been reading a lot on this site, and I’m super thankful for the peeing in a container tip, that works better for me than in the shower.

I started getting symptoms on Tuesday, at first I got antibiotics for an UTI until I saw the bumps and got diagnosed on Friday and received Zelitrex (I’m from a dutch island and the info on the medicine is all in Dutch so perhaps ya’ll don’t know it) So I started that on Friday; 2 pilss 3 times a day and the doc gave me paracetamol and ibroprofen. It seemed like it wasn’t working so I looked up tips on here. Unfortunately I don’t have a bath at home or eptome salt, so that is out of the question for me. I thought of maybe preparing a small tub, but I live with my parents and I haven’t told them so grabbing a tub to fill with hot water draws too much attention.

I don’t have any diaper rash ointment at home or Vaseline, I asked my ex who I recently slept with who gave it to me to go get some coconut oil, baby diaper rash ointment or camu camu supplement , but of course since he is an asshole we got into a fight and he couldn’t . I don’t have any of those items at home and was in too much pain to get them.

Yesterday I went commando and at night the pain was gone and I felt that it was starting to scab up, so I figured scabs meant they were healing? As they were not releasing the liquid anymore.

However it did itch a lot , so I thought to try out the Aloe tip, I have some Aloe gel that says it is 98% aloe, but says it contains lavender, tea tree oil, carbopol and phg. I thought it was gonna sooth but it only started stinging more. Than later last night and today it was drama again, so maybe the Aloe did more damage than good? Thursday night I had used regular baby powder but yesterday I though it was perhaps best not to use anything. I also have Ammens medicated powder at home, it contains zinc oxide o.9% but I’m not sure I should use it cause it says on the bottle do not use on open skin and I guess an outbreak qualifies as open skin?

Ice pack thing hurt for me, I did also try a warm washcloth with warm water and that did feel better.

But today it is so bad that even water stings

Is a “relapse” like this normal? How is it that I stopped feeling pain last night and today it is excruciating again? What else do you all recommend?

I have to go to work tomorrow, So I need to be able to sit and walk.


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@strongergirl I'm so sorry to hear that you're suffering through this all alone. My first outbreak was also very painful and dragged on. Hydrogen peroxide, on a cotton swab and then on the blisters, works really well for me if you happen to have that on hand. Cotton panties for work tomorrow if you can. Also, any chance you could bring your mom in on this to help you out? It's a medical issue you're having. Please take care of yourself like you would if you had a really bad flu.

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@forgivenessandpeace Thanks will try to look if we have it in our medicine cabinet. My mom has been worried and taking care of me but thinks It might just be my UTI or she's afraid it's chikunguya ( a mosquito virus that has been going arround heavily here) She is a supportive mom but also very christian, so I'm just afraid to tell her. I know she will still love me but I think she is from the generation who would relate having H to being promiscious and I have not been, have been with the same guy for the past 3 years, have just been staying with the same ex who isn't/wasn't good for me. Will do cotton underwear tommorow. Right now it is hard to sit,and bend or walk, thankfully I don't have to move too much at my job.

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Hello and Welcome @strongergirl!


Sorry you are suffering so much. It's amazing how this virus affects different people so differently.


I would go back to going commando (can you wear a long skirt to work so you can go commando during the day? ) Your mistake with the Aloe was using the gel form... it has alcohol in it and will irritate the area more. Also, you were having success with the going commando and drying it out...the itching was likely because it was drying out, and then you went and made it "wet" again ...one of the biggest secrets I have found is getting the lesions to dry up any way you can. Much of the pain is from the lesions being open and just as when a blister pops it's incredibly sensitive and painful, lesions are at their worst when they are open and weeping. Don't use baby powder near your vagina ... there's stuff in it that isn't good for your lady parts :(


Can you explain to your mother that you got this from your ex... if she knows you were together for 3 years that should be enough explaination (and she can call him anything she wants...he's your ex after all!)


In the absence of Epsom Salts, regular household salt would help a but as salt generally dries things and is anti-bacterial (so it will kill anything that is trying to take advantage of the open wounds)....


We have a couple products over here (Oragel Single Dose and Bactine) that have the active ingredients Benzalkonium Cl 0.13% and Lidocaine 2.5% ... Bactine has been around forever so there's a good chance you will have something that has those ingredients over there. Perhaps you can google them and see if you can find something with them in it. The Oragel product here is specifially for Oral herpes but is incredibly expensive ... I learned very recently that Bactine has the EXACT same ingredients and a bottle is cheap and lasts forever...especially is just used for Herpes. I'll post the link when I get on my regular computer so you can see it, but it cleared my Oral OB up in 24 hrs and I'm pretty sure it will work for the gential OB's... certainly is worth a try :)




EDIT - here's the link: http://tinyurl.com/bactine

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Thanks @WCSDancer2010, your support is amazing and means a lot to me! I'm doing better :) last night I was home alone and did a dip in a small tub with warm water and it felt very good. Tonight after reading your comment I did one again using natural sea salt I had at home, I feel like those bath are amazing, wish I could have done them earlier, they make you feel better and clean. Good to know that info about baby powder , never knew that and I used to use powder alot when I was on my period to feel "fresh" . I got some daiper rash ointment which is supposed to seal out wetness. With all the pills I was taking and feeling down I decided to stop my Birth control pills and now I realize that was stupid because I just saw that I'm spotting, and if I start doing that it's going to be harder to keep the area clean. But I survived work pretty well today :) So I'm healing up

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