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A story behind the stigma

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I think this is a must read for us herpsters, and really everybody else, showing how the stigma all came about. I think we all know the big pharmaceutical companies brought it on, but this article explains it in a quite factual way.


It also gives some realistic statements regarding how this is not a major medical issue for the majority of H+ people. I'm not trying to downplay the pain and issues some unfortunately experience, I really do sympathize with them, but I want to show those newly diagnosed that statistically you will not have severe symptoms down the road.



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Adrail has a blog about this




And sadly it's all true :(


Interesting wording in your article:


Sexual recklessness, as distinct from clear and provable malicious intent, should not be criminalised because passion, by its very nature, is reckless and unpremeditated.’


This is one of the hardest things to explain to someone who has been exposed by someone who knows they have the virus and doesn't disclose first. Very, VERY few people (only psychopaths) would INTENTIONALLY expose someone to the virus.... but when PASSION gets involved, (exacerbated by FEAR of rejection, and often ignited by ALCOHOL) people make stupid choices ... and by bringing the courts into the equation, you actually just make matters worse in my opinion. And given that it takes TWO to do the Horizontal Tango if the H- person didn't bring up the STD conversation as well (which is how many of us got it, so we are just as guilty) then there is at least *some* personal responsibility there.


I personally believe that while there *should* be some kind of law that would prosecute anyone who knowingly passes it intentionally ... and I mean the psychopathic givers, as proven by having people who could come forward who have told the giver that they got H from them and that the person continues to have sex with others ... this kind of person will likely be having sex with a LOT of people because they are on a mission and a pattern could be established in the courts to prove the intent... BUT it would mean a lot of people would have to be willing to come forward to give evidence.


We have to find the balance between understanding the Human-ness of another who does something really stupid because of fear and a person who does something because of malicious intent.


I also believe that if we can start a campaign to get people to have ADULT conversations about Sex and STD's that a lot of the stigma will disappear and the incidence of the passion/fear caused exposures would drop significantly.


*sigh* ... I wish we could go grab those marketing folks from Burroughs Wellcomme and get THEM on here to see the result of their advertising campaign :(



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