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Is testing really required or is an observation enough?

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I recenlty had all the symptoms and went to my Dr. MY Dr. just looked at them and said she was 100 % certain it is H. I asked if we didn't need to do a swab she said no I can def tell by looking it is clearly H., but reading some things on here makes me realize tests can help you understand better when you got it etc.? I feel like I'd still want a test. My ex gets cold sores, we had sex last (including oral) week Friday and he had a cold but no cold sore symptoms. My symptoms; pain while peeing started on Sunday night last week, first bump I could feel and see on Tuesday, hence the reason why I conclude I just recently got it. But what if I had it dormant way before I met him ( i had 2 other long term bf before him)

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Is your Dr a GP or OBGYN? Because any Dr worth their salt would NOT do a visual diagnosis ... for one, they can't tell you if it's HSV1 or 2 ... which is useful to know when you are talking to new partners. You will also know by the blood test if you just got it (it will be Negative now, positive in 4 months or so) which tells you if you need to be concerned about past partners.


Yes, they should have swabbed you ... unfortunately it is probably too late now and if you just got HSV1 from your ex it won't show up on the blood test for several month...


If you went to a GP, I suggest you go to an OBGYN or Planned Parenthood as they know more about STD's

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@inka , im sorry but i have to disagree with ur stated comment that "gennital herpes has a very distinct look"


No it doesnt. My first ever o.b. was the tiniest little bump no bigger than a freckle.

2 doctors i saw didnt think it was herpes, one doctor and i both though it might have been warts simce i jad gw years ago, the other doc thought it was just an infection from sweat.... untill a swab came back.

and since that first o.b. i have had 5 others. Only one fits the discription of ghsv2 ob.


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Bro, I'm going to tell you to get yourself tested. It's better to know that you have herpes and not AIDS or HIV. And if you have herpes it's nothing really to the thousands of other things you can get in this lovely planet. Plus you don't want to spread that shit to other people. Especially if it's something serious. Probably not because I know nobody that's got HIV or anything like that (So please don't panic) so you have a good chance there. And even if you got Genital Herpes, you got a skin condition that rears it's ugly head every once every few times per year, and as the years progress it happens less and less. Sure it's a pain right now, but life could throw way worse obstacles in your life, and that's just life. Think of it this way, you can still get a job with herpes and live a completely normal life. The only reason people are afraid of it is because of a fear mongering campaign started by Burroughs Wellcome to sell their shit. before that, nobody really cared. It's just a cold sore on your genitals, so what's so scary about that. You could have way worse happen to you my friend.


Many hugs to you

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@WCSDancer2010, She is a GP, and to be very honest even though I like her and think she's nice I think she is very hasty ad quick sometimes because she's popular and has lots of clients.For example Wednesday I went to her and told her I think I have a UTI, she asked me 3 questions about symptoms and proceeded to prescribe antibiotics, no urine sample nothing. I talked a bit more because to be honest I was already afraid of STD's , I'm a very intuitive person and just something told me you might want to get tested, Well that and the fact that I knew that it was stupid of me to start having unprotected sex with my ex again. So we scheduled a day for a pap test and I asked for a blood test; but she only ticked off HIV and HBS (which I'm not sure what that is) on the blood test form. Thursday when I saw the bumps I started googling a lot, I knew they didn't look like warts, but I also didn't know what they were, but because I read up a lot I knew about the swab test thing. So it's not like I didn't ask for it but she just said it wasn't necessary. It went literally like this Her: yup its herpes. Me: are you going to take a swab ? Her: not necessary I can tell. 100% Sure. Me: Do you think I got it from my ex who has cold sores? Her: most probably yes. Me: ok but cold sores are HSV 1 right? so would that be it genitally. Her: yes its all the same .....:S I'm not so sure she's such a great GP anymore honestly. But you know the looks of it , my symptoms are very H though, like I think I read that other STD's don't give you fever or headache with an OB. And something in my gut told me that the fact that my ex had a cold when he went down on me could have cause it , even though he wasn't showing it. Also my GP mentioned that if you get symptoms 2 or more days right after sex it's probably newly contracted...but still wish she was more of the testing type than the guessing type. Anyways @canadianflyguy I will get my HIV blood test results soon, and will ask for Chlamydia and HPV screening during my pap, once I'm healed I can schedule one.

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I went to her and told her I think I have a UTI, she asked me 3 questions about symptoms and proceeded to prescribe antibiotics, no urine sample nothing.


That is very unprofessional. Time for a new Dr. But to be honest, you should go to an OBGYN for anything to do with your lady bits ... GP's are not nearly as informed on those parts as the specialists :)

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So, I haven't read all the comments. But, I can tell you that when I went to my OB/GYN for what I thought was a UTI, she did visually confirm herpes. However, yes, testing for it is necessary. She did a swab and also took my blood. You need that testing to determine what type of HSV you have.

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I've had a UTI before and my symptoms for a UTI were the same as my initial OB. When I made the appt with my doc, I actually told them I thought it was a UTI. Since they couldn't get me to see the doc, they just had me pee and saw there was bacteria and just put me on antibiotics. I know it wasn't a UTI when I was diagnosed with herpes because my urine came back negative for UTI. I had a really bad lower back ache that just got worse and worse over a few days. It felt like I just had a throbbing cramp on my ovaries and I was super bloated. I've lost about 16 pounds since I've gone off the depo shot, and my pants were tight around the waist, that's how bloated I was. I did find out I also had a yeast infection, so maybe some of my symptoms we attributed to that too. But, my stomach has been achy pretty much since day one.

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