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The worst herpes outbreak since the first... In a dark place

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I've got a bad break out... I mean nothing will ever be as bad as the first one... But this is pretty close and a lot worse than any others ...

I'm putting it down to the stress of splitting with my ex and ongoing stress if working my notice at the school I teach at...


I'm realising that I've still not accepted this fully...

I'm already dreaming about disclosures to future partners and waking up in a depressed state of mind...

I think I need help :-(

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Awww :( I experience the same thing now (2 years in) when I have an outbreak: I get really dark. I just want to curl up in a ball, or maybe lynch the bastard then curl up in a ball. Remember that your immune system is being called into action in a big way. It needs your help. You can help by slowing down, taking it easy on yourself, getting lots of rest, eating really really well. I think our thoughts turn dark when the virus gets active. Have you started some anti-virals?

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Aww chica ((HUGS)))


Do me a favor... go out and get some Bactine if you can find it and try it out. I've found it worked really well for my last oral OB and I'm willing to bet it will work for the genital OB's as well. I'll post a link as soon as I get back on my regular computer if you need to order it but you should be able to find it at a local pharmacy ....


I believe once you find what works for you to gain control of the OB's faster you will find that things shift ... I know that once I discovered the Alum option (which also works well but is hard to find) I got a lot more relaxed about having OB's because I knew I could get rid of them pretty quickly....


Here's the link: http://tinyurl.com/bactine


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I'm right where with you.. I just noticed a BIG ASS BUMP on my inner labia and I'm terrified about what it's going to look like tomorrow.. All of mine seem to be getting worse and worse too, I really don't understand this thing :-( and I'm on suppressives.. It's only been 3 weeks since my last OB :-( Feeling sick to my stomach and back in that dark place.. The bump is in a spot that touches my other side.. Is it going to spread??? I'm freaking out..


I hope you heal up fast from yours!!

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I just put it on the area on my lip with a Qtip ... but there is a spray version and I expect you could just spray it on the area, let it lit awhile and pat it dry. This is a new application for me so it will be a little trial and error esp with genital H but it certainly seems to work with HSV1 orally VERY well ;)


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