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Diagnosed with herpes but really no symptoms...?

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Hi everyone. I'm new here. Had a full STD panel screening plus bloodwork last week which led to the discovery of HSV-2. I've never really had any symptoms that I noticed, however possibly two spots this year. Over the summer I noticed what I though was an ingrown hair (but the bump was a little bigger) on my front side..like about 3-4 inches above my

Lady parts. It never hurt and I did accidentally scratch it off once I think so there was slight bleeding but never pain. That has now gone (been gone for at least a month or so). Another smaller one has appeared more the size of a pimple. Still in the same area (so nowhere near my vagina or anything). Is it possible that this is where my outbreaks will be? Do outbreaks move around down there?


I read that the first outbreak is typically the worst. I don't know when I was exposed and like I said I've only noticed two "blisters." Neither were painful to touch. I've checked and not seen any others on my genitalia. I guess I'm just trying to convince myself this is all it will ever be...as all of you know it's quite a rollercoaster of emotions after finding out your diagnosis...especially without any symptoms. Kind of been blindsided by this...

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Hi @Bee2904! Welcome to the forum!

So basically with herpes.... theres no straight rules.

typically the first o.b. is the worst. But not always.

some people never get o.b.s while some get minor, and others get nightmare o.b.s

its like "h" has guidlines that it follows, but it breaks it own rules all the time!!


I.m.o. i think that what u have described could be where ur o.b.s are occuring.

if that is the case, im glad its not painfull for you!! You can always go to the doc, or a walk im clinc and get a swab done, that way youll know if it is an o.b. or just an ingrown.


Loootttttssss of people have hsv and dont even know it because they are asymptonmatic. This means they carry the virus, and have no prodroms or o.b.s

So consider urself lucky to know! Because the other 80% of people with it who dont know.. are spreading the virus and not even realizing it!!


The emotions will calm down with time. Get educated. Laugh. Itll all be good. I promise!!!



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Hello and Welcome!


Well, I have to say your first bump sounds more like an ingrown hair so I don't think that was an OB... but if you get another one like it, get it swabbed.


Now, as for your test... what were the numbers in your results??? You see, anything over 1.1 is "called" positive but there is a 40% false positive rate between the values of 1.1 and 3.5 ... so it would be good to know if you are in that range. If you are I would say get retested in a few months ... if you are still in that range, there is a much more accurate test called the Western Blot that you should look into... but for now, get those results out and see if you are in that range :)


If you DO have it, I promise it's not the end of the world. I've had it 35 years and it's an occasional speed bump in my life. And not having symptoms is NORMAL with Herpes ... 80% of people don't know they have Herpes because they either have no symptoms or they are so mild/atypical they don't go to the Dr about it. :(



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Good - do know that *some* doctors believe anything over 1.1 IS positive ... if your Dr is of that school, get to a Planned Parenthood, OBGYN, or whatever. If the Dr is not "convinced", tell them to look up the work of Dr Peter Leone (perhaps print this out and highlight the part about the False Positives which is about 2/3 the way down the page)




or Westover Heights Clinic. (google it)


Both are respected Medical professionals with expertise in the Herpes field so she should hopefully respect their knowledge ;)

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