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Herpes—Why is Conventional Medicine Ignoring the Obvious Solution?

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Came across another "interesting" article in regard to supplements versus pharma drugs. I am not claiming anything from this article, but wanted to share because of some points discussed specific to (h).




I am starting to see that from the pharma standpoint why would they want to cure (h) when they can lock us all in with an expensive antiviral. So my mission continues for potential natural alternatives.

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Well certainly the Vitamin D issue isn't helping ... it's a much needed vitamin for immune function and our society has become so "Sun-Phobic" ... because the medical community seems to love an all-or-nothing approach to things that have the *potential* to harm people ... Dairy, wheat, sugar, eggs, and many other foods have been through a "Don't eat that!" phase ... now Paleo tells us to not eat any Legumes or Grains (not even Lentils or Whole/wild rice or whatever).


So now we have a society that slathers themselves with a chemical-laden potion to keep the sun off their skin to avoid cancer and wrinkles ... and traded the *potential* for both for a lowered immune system. So now we are told to CONSUME large doses of vitamin D (our bodies are not designed to process that much D through foods) rather than getting *small* doses of sun every day and perhaps supplementing with a small amount in pill form.


So yes, I agree, it's worth looking at your Vitamin D levels and anything else that supports your immune system. But will that keep you from passing it on? It may help to reduce the possibility but for now I would say I'm glad to have the *option* of the anti-virals (and I take very few drugs .... I'm all for keeping healthy as naturally as possible ;) ).


I wouldn't say that getting your Vitamin D levels up is the "obvious" solution ... it won't make it go away and having high levels won't necessarily protect your partner. I got Herpes when I was a VERY tanned 17 yr old in the peak of health and I'm sure my vitamin D levels were very healthy :( . But it certainly is worth getting tested for D for your overall health no matter how it affects your Herpes OB's and transmission ;)

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