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Cold sore troubles

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Hey everyone,

Please bare with spelling and grammatical errors as I'm trying to type this before my

Lunch break ends. I've been getting cold sores on my upper lip since I was a preteen

I've come to terms with them. The last 2 years I started getting them much more frequently practically

2x a month every month...terribly embarrassing and annoying. So I went to the doctor and was put on

Acyclovir as needed at the first sign of a cold sore popping up. Now previously I never had any warning signs just all of a sudden

My lip would start hurting and that's when I knew. I'm OCD about hand washing when I get them and not contaminating

Or spreading the virus anywhere else. I've put myself on a lysine supplement, started exercising, and for whatever reason have

Been cold sore free for over 8 months.

Now last Saturday I had a low grade fever that came out of nowhere and left just as suddenly. Didn't think anything of it.

Monday I had a really weird tingle tickle run up the inside of my upper lip. Stupidly didn't think anything of it.

Wednesday the inside of my nose started hurting. I thought oh annoying I'm just getting a zit. And I was poking at it all day. Wednesday night I looked at it and it was a blister and it popped.

Now I'm panicking because I have never had a cold sore there. How could have I gotten one there?? I've never actually been tested to find out what type I have

I just always assumed it was hsv-1. And I thought they didn't just pop up all willy nilly where ever they felt like going. So I'm panicking about where they are going to pop up next. I made an appt to get tested next week at my pap. I know if I spread it anywhere else from me being an idiot and poking at it the first day I guess it's just a wait and see after three or so weeks.

Anyway...any thoughts or reassuring or not would be helpful.


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I'm OCD about hand washing when I get them and not contaminating

Or spreading the virus anywhere else.


Well, for one, you've had it long enough that it would be pretty darned hard to pass it to any other place on yourself... so you can relax at least a *bit* there ;)


The thing in your nose may well have just been an infected hair ... so I wouldn't panic there either.


What else do you do besides the meds to control the OB's? Diet? Supplements? External treatments?


My latest favorite thing is Bactine ... it's the EXACT same stuff as Oragel Single Dose (plus fragrance)., I was given the Oragel stuff but it's incredibly expensive, but the Bactine is very cheap and you can apply a small amount on the OB as soon as it starts to come up and I find that it dries it up and sends it packing within 1-2 treatments. That alone will help to get the virus under control so your body can heal and regain control.


And start to look at what may be causing the OB's. Herpes is a First Responder when it comes to stress.... so it sounds like your body is trying to tell you you need to change something in your life. ;)


You can get the Bactine and Oragel stuff here:





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