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On my lip possibly and freaking out

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So I think I have cold sore on my lip I noticed some pain yesterday and started taking valtrex. There is no sore yet just a red area almost like a pimple inside the skin it doesn't each of tingle it just hurts like crazy!! I have never had a cold sore and my only outbreak was my first over a year ago and it was vaginally. I've but abreva on my lip but I don't know what else to do. I do have HSV1 but like I said it wasn't on my lip will this be a regular cold sore I see ppl have or since I bave hsv1 will I start breaking out all over my mouth!? I'm scared lol

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If u have it vaginally it wont magically appear orally.

so either 1 youve been exposed orally by kissing someone who has hsv1 orally or.. 2its not herpes... and it could honestly just be a horrible pimple/ zit/ ingrown/ bacteria of some sort.

Personally i would use something like blistex medic (chapstick in a tiny lil tub) its medicated to help super dry lips and even sometimes helps with coldsore too..

But to be safe u could always just go to a walk in somewhere and tell em to swab ur lip so u know if its hsv or just bacteria like a pimple..


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HSV1 is HSV1 - cold sores are cold sores. It's ENTIRELY possible that you already had the HSV1 virus orally all this time and then got unlucky enough to get it genitally from someone else. 80% of people have HSV1 orally and 80% of them don't know it.


However, the way you describe it makes me think you have a nasty pimple.... but either way, go out and get yourself some Bactine (or order it from the link below) and put that on it. It's the same ingredients as Oragel Single Dose but a LOT cheaper. I used it the other day on a cold sore that was taking it's sweet assed time to disappear (I didn't want to use the expensive Oragel on it as it never totally headed up either) and withing 24 hrs is was GONE. So try that out... even if it's a pimple that stuff is good against bacteria.


And as @willow said, if you are that worried, get it swabbed first.... so you know that when you get *that* symptom what it actually is...

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I used to use bactine to clean my belly ring I have some in my boyfriends house I never had and warning it was coming until I felt the pain and I have been on and off valtrex the past few weeks. By the way I don't know if you remember but I had those fluid filled bumps on my leg a while back and always thought it was an outbreak finally I went to get it swabbed when it came back and when she saw it she told me to start antivirals everyday but then the test came back negative. It's not h just thought I would update you lol but anyway since then I pop a valtrex every week or so just to stay outbreak free lol

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