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Herpes support from amazing friends


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Hello everyone!! I hope you had a Merry Christmas! I know it might be hard it was with me this is my first Christmas with H I'm two months in and I believe I experienced another outbreak last week or some mad shedding but anyways it's difficult somedays.


In 4 days ill be 29. My first bday with the herp. Last year, my best friend's sister was in a coma this time and she died New Year's Eve. This year has been up and down. I guess that's the beauty of life.


I have a very close friend since high school and her daughter is my goddaughter. This friend has been so supportive; a good amount of my friends know about my herpes and are supportive but this one friend has been exceptional.


When I first told her, she hugged me and said we were going to get through this together. She joked saying we're going to go bike riding and kayaking and hiking and white water rafting and all that stuff in the commercial. I couldn't help but laugh.


The other day we were talking and she asked me what it was like. She said she's been doing her own research. She was asking nurses at work and just wanting to know what I'm going through. She said I want to know what you feel so I can be there she's like you know if we both had our H bombs we'd be kicking ass like we always have. We laughed. I was so touched that she is trying to feel my experience. I have had a few other friends who have done the same.


I went to church with my family last night and the priest spoke of how we are not alone and he spoke of parents losing a child which reminded me of me of last years events the death of my friend. It spoke to me because I've felt very alone through this but then not so much because of my mom, my friends who continue to treat me as they did before and want to understand and be there and because of all of you, Adrial especially.


So if you're feeling this way know that it's only momentary. We are truly not alone. There are people who love us and care and because we know the hurt and what it feels like we can give that compassion to others.


So yea I'm frustrated with my H bomb at times like right now and especially with my cold that's lingering but this Christmas I got the gift of humanity and not being alone. I recently went to my first therapy session to help with depression and to help me love me more and my therapist was awesome. He told me welcome to humanity because everyone has something. It's so true life keeps going and everyone has something whether its H or more or whatever.


I'm hoping that when I do disclose to a potential partner that it's as easy and they're as receptive as the beautiful people in my circle have been. If you're feeling down today just know ur not alone I feel ya. And idk bout u but I bought me some sexy heels, painted my nails and did myself up. It helped. Do something nice for you because you are worthy!! Merry Christmas!! And much love!!

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Wow, I have tears in my eyes reading about how empathic and heartfelt your friend is. How amazing is it that you have such a solid support in this. I'm so glad you feel so held and loved. And it warms my heart hearing that you're dedicating yourself to loving yourself. How beautiful. Yes, welcome to humanity. With all its pain and suffering, there is still so much beauty for all of us to experience. Happy Holidays, domh. So much love to you. (And thanks for the shoutout. That felt good.)

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This is such a lovely post D...so beautiful to have the love and support of family and friends..and that you get a buzz out of sexy shoes and painting your nails too :-).


I understand totally how it has been for you - this time last year I was 2 months into H and have had friends pass away and get seriously ill in this time. We do all have stuff we have to deal with. This doesn't minimize the impact of getting H...it does just mean we are not alone. I'm glad you are loving yourself by getting help when you need it and loving yourself by doing nice things to make you feel loved... you really are worthy and thank you so much for posting. xx

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Hello Diversity and Leilani


Thanks for your responses Happy to have shared this. I am liking your posts diversity and Leilani how are things with you?


You know this same friend told me the other day she would go out and get H too so we could have it together. She said she loves me so much she'd go lez for me lol she's tooo much lol but all we could do was laugh. She said you know I love you and I'm never going to leave you. That my friends is proof enough God puts amazing people in our lives. We are never alone event though society tries to make it that way.



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