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HSV 2 Clinical Study Trial :-)

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Hi Everyone,


So I been dealing with HSV2 for almost two month. Luckily, I haven't had an episode since then. However, everyday I wake up and check my private parts. I think this psychological pain is far worse than the physical. Anyways, I came across this site and found an article on a current HSV2 vaccination clinical trial. Maybe some of you in the area could volunteer for the study. :-)



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hey Dimples... thanks for the update. I read about this vaccine earlier in the year; it works with T-cells. I hope volunteers step up. It might be tricky since most people have HSV1 (if the person had chicken pox as a child, HSV1 is present). So to get people who are HSV2 but not HSV1 is going to be tricky. I was diagnosed in 2002 (10+ years ago) and my doctor was so nonchalant about the result while I was dumbstruck. He said, a vaccine will be available in our lifetimes because of HIV/AIDS, i.e., those of us with genital HSV2 are at high risk of HIV infection. Why? because HSV1 and 2 are skin disorders that recur as lesions in the sexy areas of our bodies, hence a portal is present for HIV infection. At first it was believed that men who have sex with men would be the most affected... but HSV 1 and 2 are ubiquitous, affecting people regardless of sexual orientation. There isn't enough Valtrex to further a cause like ours. If I could volunteer I would, but IN 2011 I discovered (via blood test) that I carry both HSV1 and 2, although I experience very mild outbreaks in the genital area (sometimes buttocks) but never above the waist. So strange. I got chicken-pox at 15.


OK... I'm babbling now. Thanks again for the link Dimples (great name by the way!)

Stay strong. Stay safe.




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I also came across this clinical study. According to my brother who works in R&D in the pharm industry, this is kind of a long shot, but a very good idea being a protein based vaccine which is the new type of vaccines that companies are working with. Its a positive move in the direction we want. If it isnt this one then it will be soon. Most of what Ive read say the 10 year range before its figured out.

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This is definitely one of those patterns I see with newly diagnosed people. I remember when I was first diagnosed and went out there looking for a cure ... and when I found there wasn't one, I held out hope for one to be found soon. I found myself putting my life on hold. As if I could only live life fully once I didn't have herpes. Like I said in my "herpes cure?" video — http://herpeslife.com/herpes-cure/ — there will always seem to be a cure on the horizon, but let's not hold off on life until then. :) And by all means let's continue to support this kind of research, too. It's just not the ONLY way to have the shame you find yourself in be cured. Much love!


By the way, check out the new video I put together about the H Opportunity weekend. Gets me choked up every time I watch it. :)

Note: This is for informational purposes only. This information does not constitute medical advice or diagnosis.
I'm not a medical professional, so please take this as friendly peer support. 

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