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Not sure if I have symptoms typical for HSV-2

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So, I got infected with HSV-2 last summer. I got diagnosed ~3-4 months after the initial infection, but not because I had any typical symptoms (sores, blisters), but was generally sore and itchy, which might have possibly been caused by a BV (bacterial vaginosis) infection I was diagnosed with at the same time. It's now 5-6 months after the initial HSV infection, and I still haven't had a "textbook" outbreak. However, for the past ~3 weeks I have a burning sensation all around the genitals which is almost always present. It's not very painful, but I can tell it's there. I saw my OB/GYN a few days ago, but she could not find any irritation, redness, blisters or anything that would resemble a herpes outbreak. Tests showed, I don't have any bacterial or yeast infection either. Does anybody here have any idea if the ongoing burning sensation could be related to the HSV-2? But then why isn't it leading to an actual outbreak? And why isn't it getting any worse or better? My OB/GYN wasn't able to answer these question.

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Have you had a blood test? Get an iGg test to make sure what antibodies you do or don't have in your system. Ask for one for type I and another for type II. This should hopefully help you narrow down your search for answers. You should also check out the westoverheights clinic website and check out their herpes handbook, it's full of some of the most helpful, concise information out there. Best of luck to you %%-

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Hi Angel,


Others will chime in to let me know if I get anything wrong. I'm not female, but I have researched this condition extensively. What you're experiencing could be an episode. One issue with HSV is the variety of ways it affects different people. Some have recurring episodes regularly that are unmistakable while others experience symptoms that are easily missed. No two people will experience this condition in 100% the same way. And there's also a large number of folks who have no idea they even have HSV because they never have an episode.


I've read many stories in the various forums where women in particular only discover they have HSV when another condition (bacterial vaginosis included) causes a physician to order a blood test. In those cases it is often believed that the non-HSV condition caused previously asymptomatic individuals to suddenly have their first episode ever or first in a long time.


Ultimately I think anything that has an impact on our immune systems can allow the HSV to show up in an episode. Also many people report experiencing the prodrome (sp?) phase and nothing further. So that could be what you're experiencing now? After so many years with OHSV1 and now OHSV2, I'd hesitate to identify what a typical episode is because my experience has been different from that of friends with a similar situation.


Also as sugarplumfairy asked, has a type specific blood test been done? 1 and 2 behave differently when they aren't in their home territory. And the handbook mentioned is a great resource to have on hand.


Hopefully some of this is helpful.


:) CBK

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Sorry, I should have made clear I got the blood test done and also culture (both positive for HSV-2), so yes, I know I am HSV-2 positive, I am just totally confused by how much my symptoms seem to differ from what is typically described. Thanks for pointing me to the handbook, I will check it out!


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"Does anybody here have any idea if the ongoing burning sensation could be related to the HSV-2?" Yes, this is totally common and expected. I have been diagnosed for 1.5 years and rarely have an actual lesion (sore) but frequently experience pain, tingling, urination difficulty and burning. These are typical in women.

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That really sucks, I considered myself lucky in the beginning that I didn't have an actual outbreak with blisters, but the ongoing burning sensation seems even more annoying. In the past few days I also had a pressing feeling in the lymph nodes in the groin (I know that this is a normal symptom) and had a fever last night. Seems like my immune system sent an army, because since the fever the burning sensation has gotten better.

The really frustrating thing is that this "episode" as well as the first one in November both got kicked off by having sexual intercourse. Is this how things are going to continue? Every time I have sex I risk making the symptoms worse?

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