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I have a date tomorrow (she knows I have herpes)

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I have a date tomorrow, she is already aware of my condition (HSV-2) We met on an online site, we started messaging and then emailing to texting, and have talked on the phone briefly to plan the date. I feel so great about this even if it does not end in a serious relationship, the idea of being able to flirt, and be myself without the mindset "o shit when do I disclose" is comforting. I look forward to it. Thanks to this site for helping me through so much so far.

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Sorry everyone for the super late delay. Ive been so busy with work 2 promotions in 2 weeks, a trip north to visit my brother, and moving. That date fell through, she got very strange a few hours before meeting and I said screw it. Ive had 1 more mild outbreak since I last posted. It wasnt as bad as my initial outbreak but still not fun. I have met a girl who I have hit it off with very well. I'm starting to realize that in this crazy experience maybe it was what was meant to be. I've discovered that creating a "relationship" before sex is pretty damn nice. I actually want to spend time with her. I have not had the disclosure talk yet. ( 3 dates 5 total hangouts) We've kissed but nothing more. Im debating doing it this weekend if we get some alone time. I know what I have to say but it does not make me less nervous. I feel a connection and I feel it growing into something special. but who knows. I will do my best with keeping my updates more frequent. Love all of you.



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Hey Abbyroad78,


I ended up not disclosing, other things came up that had us part ways. Sucks because we were definitely into each other but long distance was not something we were willing to do. It was great being able to build a "relationship" without sex. Built up my confidence too.

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Thanks for letting us know! I know how hard the long distance thing is...I have managed to make it work but it was only because circumstances helped. I think this one for you is a stepping stone in gaining confidence...and the building of a relationship without sex is pretty great - I have done that with this one and we are moving in together.


Keep looking greenville...the right one is out there and will appear when your soul is ready :-)

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Aww Nick, this is really really sweet. I've never disclosed to anyone yet and I'm soo super scared. I find it hard to start a "relationship" without sex being a major part of it from the beginning--I think that's the problem and why I'm always in unhealthy relationships. I'm so proud of you for being strong--I know there are lots of guys out there who wouldn't disclose because they are not strong enough--keep being awesome and I know there will be a great girl out there for you

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