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Terrible herpes symptoms?

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Hello I am new to this community and would just like some input. I was diagnosed with genital herpes 4 years ago and have hardly had any issues. About a year ago, I started a new job, had a friend pass away, and started (and ended) a long distance relationship. I was also diagnosed with a stomach infection during this time. Ever since, I have hardly been able to control the virus. I take 500 MG of a generic form of Valtrex every day. When I get an outbreak I get the chills, diarrhea, discharge and am extremely fatigued. I find that doubling up on the meds makes me even more exhausted and dizzy. I have been to my doctor several times in search of answers but she put me on birth control and told me my symptoms had nothing to do with this virus. I am so frustrated, especially reading that most people have this virus only effect their skin. I feel like over this past year, the virus has been disturbing my life. I am currently seeing a therapist for anxiety and all of this certainly isn't helping my mental state. Does my situation sound familiar to anyone? Does anyone have any advice for me? Thank you!

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Hello and Welcome!


Sorry to say but it sounds like you need a new Dr. It's very possible that with everything you went through your immune system got exhausted ... those symptoms are definitely possible with H ... my ex hubby would have fever and chills with an OB for the first few years.


Given all the other things going on, I would consult a new OBGYN AND an Immunologist simply because your adrenals may be exhausted and you may need help building up your immune function.


In the meantime, I would get to a natural health store and find some good immune boosting supplements - I use Airborne if I feel run down or am concerned that I have been exposed to anything .... also a Mushroom based supplement called New Chapter Lifeshield Immunity. Some people like 4life Transfer Factor Plus (you may have to order it online). B-12 shots may help.The thing is to start helping your body to re-build your immune system....

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Hi katt, I'm the same in that I get chills, fatigue and other whole body symptoms. The doctors also tell me it's not the herpes virus, but I've been tested for the other usual STDs. I know that it's frustrating, but at the moment I'm just trying to relax it away until someone gives me something concrete to work with (I'm waiting on some blood test results). I also went through a stressful time with a short-turned-long distance relationship, it probably doesn't help! How are your sessions with the therapist? I'm booked onto some kind of relaxation course next week, but I'm skeptical about anxiety causing the symptoms.. But I related a lot to this: http://www.nomorepanic.co.uk/showthread.php?t=42556

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Hello! I really love going to my therapist. At first I was skeptical about some of my symptoms being anxiety but she has taught me some coping skills and they do help. Like for example- if you are feeling anxious think of it as a nightmare or thunderstorm and know it will end. I think a relaxation course will be good, I should look into that as well. I hate having these serious symptoms and have my doctor just shrug them off though..

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Hey Katt123, at this point, the symptoms I can distinguish are general fatigue and a feeling of being worn-down... that's when I know to really focus on getting more sleep, resting, lowering my stress levels and taking it easy on the exercise. I also add more l-lysine and vitamin C to my regimen, giving my body all it needs to get back its fighting spirit. So, you are not alone... everyone reacts differently to the virus, so these symptoms could certainly be herpes related. However, for your own peace of mind, there could be something else going on too and you might want to keep doing other tests to make sure. Only you know your body and what feels right, so it's really up to you. Also, I love what your therapist told you about anxiety being comparable to a thunderstorm... I use seasons... recognizing that nothing is permanent, that it will all pass and things will be ok again, from winter into summer. Such a good reality to adopt... nothing is permanent, just feel your feelings and let them pass.

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Thank you so much for your input. Do you ever get the dizziness? I think that's what scares me a lot and I'd just like a way to better deal with it. When I start feeling the dizziness and fatigue I usually just retreat to bed. I don't want to have to do that every time!

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Dizziness, not really... just general feeling of malaise. However, have you considered trying a new medication? It could also be a side effect... again, everyone would react differently and might be worth a shot. If nothing changes, then you know it's not the meds. At the beginning, everything will be a bit of trial and error... until you figure out how your body copes.

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