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Herpes test came back negative! I'm confused & just wanting to know the truth!

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So I was recently intimate with my new boyfriend. Within 2 days, I discovered what looked like ulcers on my inner lip. I went to the health dept. They did a pap smear, swab test & blood test for Herpes & all other STD's. The dr said it looked like Herpes to her. They did say I had bacterial vaginosis. They gave me medicine for Herpes & an antibiotic for the other. All tests came back negative. Now it's been almost 2 months. I just had what appears to be another outbreak 1 day after having sex with my boyfriend again. I'm so confused. The swab was done when I was in full outbreak mode so I don't think it was lack of evidence for testing. Could this all be from BV? Should I get retested? So confused!

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Just posted this on the other place that you asked this:




Well, a lot of the issue with the swab depends on both getting it done at the "right" time AND the ability of the person doing the swab ... and even then, you just may not get a good catch. If you were just exposed the blood test would come back negative.


So what did you OB look like? BV causes itching and discharge but not blisters/lesions. It's entirely possible to have both at the same time which can make things difficult to diagnose.


I personally would go back for a blood test at 4 months ... by that time you should get a reasonably accurate result.... and until then, play REALLY safe ...




Now, have you got your BF to get blood tested? Because that is the easiest way to figure out what your odds are of having Herpes... everything you wrote here points to you getting it from him (having the ulcers about 2 days after) so his blood test should come up H+ if he gave it to you.


In the meantime, get the new "OB" swabbed again. Make sure you go to an OBGYN and NOT a GP/Health dept ... GP's/Health Dept's are for colds, flu, shots, etc. OBGYN's are the "Vaginas R Us" of the medical world and they will know how to take the swab PROPERLY. I personally wouldn't take the result from the Health Dept as a properly done swab :(

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Great advice! Thank you for both of your comments. I'm very hesitate to go to my OBGYN bc a friend my boyfriend & I both know & went to school with works there. I'm really not trying to expose him & I in a negative light. We all know the unfortunate stigma of Herpes...ugh. Think I'm going to look into finding a new OB.

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