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Infectious disease doctor or Obgyn for herpes???

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Personally there is not much more they can do then prescribe anti virals.


The key for you is figuring out what is causing your symptoms,



Allergy to latex or other material



They likely can prescribe nerve pain meds and try different ones


It couldn't hurt but I don't expect it would help much


Personally my infectious disease doc was like its hsv 1 who cares.


Good luck

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Only thing out there now is antivirals from like te 1980s. Same meds. Really pathetic.


But he may help with stronger meds for your other issues for pain etc I dunno. It's worth a try but honestly medically for h antivirals are all they can give you.


Dancer might have something else to add




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Actually OBGYN's usually know more about Herpes because it's an STD so women are more likely to go to them for it anyway. We often send men to them because their option (Urologists) don't seem to be a great option, but for women, OBGYN's are basically "Vagina's R Us" - so anything to do with that area, including Herpes, is right up their alley ... AND they are more likely to know how to deal with your other issues with condoms and UTI's ;)

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In my case, the infectious disease doc I see is at the STI clinic where he practices a day or two a week outside of his usual practice so he is a wealth of information and has been spectacular at medical advice and emotional understanding. It's too bad there aren't more doctors like him around.

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Oh... and the upside to the antivirals being around for many years is that they have been tested by a lot of people and deemed quite safe (as safe as meds can be in relative terms). For those of us who find them effective, it is good to know that we aren't the guinea pigs for an untested treatment :)

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