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No herpes outbreaks since initial

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I was diagnosed in October. First outbreak horrible. Doc did a culture and I was positive. I recently saw my records and I also had BV which they did not tell me and did not give me meds for. I had recurrent BV for about six weeks which I think is from condom use. I haven't had sex mid December and haven't had BV either. BUT, I have been the most stressed out than I have ever been in my entire life due to family issues. Seriously stressed crying everyday kind of stress. I have had no outbreaks since the initial. Is this normal???

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What type do you have? If HSV1 it's quite common to only have one ob, and definitely less than us suckers with HSV2.


Count yourself as very lucky if your body can handle stress without H flaring up. I am too going through a very stressful period in my life and have had almost back to back ob's for a couple of months. That itself adds to the stress, so it's like a viscous cycle. Fortunately things seems to have quietened down for me as my stress level has been somewhat lower, and I sure hope it stays that way.

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I've seen stress is a huge factor of herpes and that being said I've had some serious stress but very few outbreaks. When my dad died I was dealing with that, an auction, finding my mom a new place, 3 kids, moving my mom etc and nothing.. no H in sight. Then I have a rough week (general everyday stress- nothing worth even noting) and there it is. So, while stress may be a huge factor, I think that it's also an accumulation of other things. (how run down you are etc.)

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I'm trying to convince myself I don't really have it. Lol. I want to get a blood test but then I'm like why waste my money just accept it and move on. I'm super sensitive but I don't know if that's the H or me thinking it's the H. Seems like everything that touches my vag irritated the crap out of me. But no sores.



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I don't think it's possible to have a false positive outside of human error (ie, labeling the catch improperly or putting in the wrong data when filling out the report) ... unlike blood tests, which look for proteins that the antibodies make (that can be mistaken for other similar proteins ) a culture picks up the virus and then they attempt to grow it in the lab ... and it's then dyed, looked at and identified by a human ... and they have a very specific appearance.... so I'd say less than 1% ... but that's a guess

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Waiting for results??? Im in health care pro so I get it ....or maybe I dont . I hear that 50% of new cases are spread orally but yet hvs1 is rare in both mouth and then genital .? Well both hubby and I get coldsores I get them everytime I have alot of sun.. maybe2x a yr .We go on vaca enjoying each other being intimate gettin a lil crazy day 5 I feel a cold sore comming on put the breaks on sex one week later im 9 days into what I believe is my first ob NOT FUN ... at all but even tho im tired of the GOD AWFUL ITCHIE BURNIE CREPPY GRIT YR TEETH PLS MAKE IT STOPPPPPP ........ im not gonna die.....its a temporary state of being ..... in the big picture its in convenient im going with that cuz in an hr I may feel completely different its been awful but its not cancer were not gonna die from this even tho at times we think we may its just sooooo not fun on sooo many levels :(

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