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First Herpes Outbreak: Muscle pain + Supplements + A personal note

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I seriously can't believe how amazing this website/forum has been as a resource. I'm pretty sure I'm coming out of my first outbreak (able to pee without a sitz bath, woohoo!!!), and now the major source of discomfort, other than some mild chafing when wearing clothes and some itching, is this constant ache in my thigh muscles and butt. Did other people experience this? The doc prescribed oxycodone but I tried to stick with 600mg of Ibuprofen every 8 hours or so. Today was the first day I decided to just try to ride through the pain, mostly because I ran out of Ibuprofen, but I gave up and had to go out to purchase some. I'm wondering what to expect in terms of how long this will last.


I also bought Monolaurin and Lysine and am on Day 3 of taking them, alongside a multi-vitamin with 100% daily value of Zinc and Vitamin C (among other stuff). Can anyone comment on whether they've taken supplements and whether or not they feel they've actually been useful? I'm going to the doctor this week sometime and will probably request a suppressive script as well. Is that overkill? Am I just freaking out? :p I missed two weeks of classes and can't afford to miss even one more at this point.


[Trigger warning: depression/relationships]


My boyfriend, who I mentioned in other posts, and who most likely passed H on to me, struggles with depression. He especially struggles with self esteem issues--mostly stemming from growing up abandoned by his dad, in poverty, that sort of thing. Every once in a while he'll withdraw from me, and I'm sort of learning to pick up patterns and notice his triggers and just allow him his space. Well... Since the day he came over to help me I've barely heard from him (approx. a week ago). I called and texted for a few days but got no or very little response, so finally I told him I'd respect his silence. The day he came over he told me he felt like giving me H was just one more in a string of recent "failures," to use his word. I know from experience that he'll come out of this and things will return to the way they were, but it's been lonely managing this by myself. Every once in a while a voice in my head will whisper that maybe this is an indication that he really doesn't care about me, or maybe even that he finds me gross now :p I also wonder sometimes how to encourage him and be there for him. He is going through some tough times right now and has a lot of major life decisions he needs to make within the next few months. I don't think withdrawing is always the most helpful thing for him to do, but I know that it's the coping mechanism that will allow him best to heal and emerge ready to push again. I guess all I can do is take care of myself, and try not to worry about him, which I do tend to do.


I think that it would probably be smart not to assume that he has H just because I do, and that he should get a blood test done. I've read conflicting accounts about whether H can lie dormant for up to years, so who knows? Better to play it smart and abstain from sex til we know. Part of me hopes that what I have is HSV-1 contracted via oral sex, because somehow I feel like that would make him feel better. I wasn't really sexually active before he and I got together, whereas he's been sexually active since he was a teenager, and I get the feeling he's self-conscious about that disparity.


That's all been bouncing around in my head and it feels good to have put it out there. My apologies if it's muddled at all.

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(((HUGS))) - Glad you found us ... one of the biggest helps early on is knowing you are not along ;)


Some quick answers - yes - some people get the muscle pain while their body ... the virus irritates the nerves and it comes out as nerve or muscle pain in some :(


As for the supplements - I don't use them but I've had it forever ...but i know a lot of people find them useful ... and some don't - basically with everything about Herpes, you need to find out what works for you... and the suppressive therapy... it's a choice and if you are not able to function because of the outbreaks it's worth trying .... also, until you know if your BF has it, suppressive therapy is a good idea anyway.


Now, as for your BF - well, you are taking on a lot if he continues to behave in this way ... you obviously know and accept that this is "normal" for him, but I would see if you can get into couples therapy with him (when he comes around) because this behavior will be VERY wearing over the years (if you stay together) and it will eventually start to be toxic for YOU.... take the pressure off of him that it's about HIM by saying that you need to learn how to support HIM ... but hope that the therapy also helps him learn to not run from you when times get tough .... ;)


And yes - get him tested. YES - the virus can be dormant for YEARS (I have a client who was married over 30 yrs before her first OB) ... remember, 80% of people don't know they have Herpes ... and it's because they dont' have OB's or at least something that they recognize as an OB. :)

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