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Can I live a normal life with Herpes type 1?

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Hello All,

I am recently diagonsed with herpes type 1 and I have got tons of questions running in my head. I am 26 yrs old and married for a year now and I had 2 oral OB which was not informed to me about my doc, he even didnt tell me to get tested.

I am shattered and so is my husband. Things were already not that great.

I have no idea where i got it from or from whom, damage is done. I am scared to death if i have anything else as well.

Will I be able to live a normal life with herpes?

This is a most horrible event in my life and I feel its the end. Its gonna be the end of my life. What do i do where do i go? I am not even sure if my husband got it from me tough he once complained about blister on his gums.

I wanna die this is most terrible and really want to end.

Why? Nobody deserves this. I am not even motivated to live any longer. Please help me.

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I am too in a very difficult and confused phase right now, worried like hell too. Also I am not sure where my marriage is going? I stay far away from my family and talking to husband has become impossible. I just cant talk to anyone. I also have similar going on. Take it easy @Magnus. Things will fall in place. Speak to your husband if he can listen and get the guilt out of your system. I m trying to accept.



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@MissingMe @Saws thank you for sharing and making it a little lighter @MissingMe. I feel bad about coz i didnt educate myself well enough. In 2009, I had a boil under my eyelid Dr prescribed some meds it burst and all the liquid came out. Never had any itching or burning, I was reading can it be the start of it?

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Hello and Welcome!


Honey - you need to BREATHE ... because if this is the worst thing that ever happened to you, you have led a CHARMED life!!!


I'm 53 - I've had oral HSV1 since I was about 4 (got the photos to prove it) .... I was one of the 60% of young people who get oral H1 before adulthood ... likely from another kid, maybe from some doting Auntie or whatever who didn't know they could pass it on (it was the 60's ... one didn't talk about things like Herpes then). the CDC says that at least 80% of people have oral Herpes by the time they are 50. So - welcome to the majority!


I ALSO managed to get HSV2 genitally .... and that's another whole story .... but even with BOTH, I've had a great life ....


Getting diagnosed is actually a GOOD thing ... because many find out they have Herpes (oral or genital) AFTER they give it to a partner .... and knowing you have it means you can protect your loved ones ... and that doesn't mean you live in a bubble and don't let them near you. It means you don't kiss or give oral with an outbreak. It means you are cautious about both if you have any irritation or nicks/cuts on your lip - or on your partner's lips/genitals ... because an open wound is a mainline to the nerves where Herpes resides. Because you KNOW, you can do something. Most people who pass Herpes on are those who don't know they have it, or those who have been misinformed about asymptomatic shedding and methods of protecting a partner.


And BTW, assuming your husband had a normal "sex life" of a young man, he's likely been exposed to HSV1 either as a child and or as an adult MANY times ... he could well be part of the 80% who doesn't know they have it... he even *could* have HSV2 genitally and not know it .... because 80% of them don't know they have it either. So get him to get blood tested ASAP. If he comes out H+ for HSV1, don't beat yourself up. Odds are he already had it too. In fact, YOU may have gotten it from HIM ....




Handouts + disclosure e-book:





Links to products that help oral OB's






Herpes facts video


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Thanks it helps. I have been reading and it says herpes increases the chances of having other STD and it weakens the immune system. I am not as healthy and have been a poor eater. I have a leaky gut too so my options to eat well have been limited. What are the normal symptoms or effects when having an OB? I have been prescribed Valacyclovir, does it have any effects on the body?

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The reason you might get another STD is that you have occasional OB's ... which are wounds and thus give other bugs an easier way to get into the system.


As for weakening the immune system - perhaps during the early stages simply because your body is fighting the virus ... but I have both H1 & 2, and I rarely catch anything (tho this winter kicked my butt ... but that's the first time in 25 yrs that I've had this rough of a winter) ...


Herpes gives many a good reason to look at their diet and lifestyle and many come out the other side healthier than ever :) It's up to you to take this as an opportunity to improve your diet and exercise/lifestyle/stress levels ....


Oh - and Valacyclovir ... some people like me have no issues with taking it ... some get side effects like nausea, tiredness, etc ... you just have to try it and see how your body responds ... if you get some symptoms, try cutting back the dose to 1/4 or 1/2 ... see if the body can deal with that, and increase it slowly back to the regular dose ... AND if you decide to come off, wean off so your body can acclimate to taking over control of the virus :)


Heres some info on the prodromes and such:






Handouts + disclosure e-book:




Herpes facts video





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