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Spots that are candidates for herpes test swabbing?

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Hi again.


I'm continuing my journey of figuring out where I have herpes since I've never had a reaction aside from feeling like the flu 10 days post exposure. I have been tested positive by western blot so it's definite.


I've been keeping track of red 'blotches' that appear on my face and go away within 1-3 days. They seem to be recurring in the same spots - never itch, never burn, never sore to touch. They don't raise a head, or have puss, but they do come back in the same places every couple of weeks. To be more specific, I've noticed a red blotch just above my left cheek, to the left of my nose bridge, and 2 spots that appear to the left of my nostril - all on the left side of face.


I've had general groin soreness and some thigh burning in the past month but it's short lived and usually associated with exercise. Never had pain urinating...so I'm being mindful of possibilities below the belt but I don't see the point of spending money on swabbing when there is nothing visible?


As for my face - can these spots be swabbed if there's no fluid? It's not cheap and I don't want to get obsessive over it (might be too late.. ;)


Yes - I should discuss this with a doctor and I'm trying to. But I'm having a hell of a time finding someone.


Dermatologists say they don't look into this.

Infectious Disease doctors - too busy, and/or more interested in treating more 'serious' diseases.

GP - seems lacking in knowledge.

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Call westover heights.


I had the same issues as you. No one would swab atypical h.


I called westover heights clinic and made a call appointment and they mailed me swabs and I swab myself. Just send in my first batch in. You have I make a phone consult appointment


$75 for each swab to test and you have control over when and where you swab. I wish I knew about it sooner as I would have saved myself lots of grief.


Good luck

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Well it depends what u want to swab.


If u want to detect shedding you can use one vial to put 7 swabs in for each day of the week. And the test results will show positive or negative for that week.


If you want to swab a particular spot basically you swab that spot and put it in the vial.


Each vial processed costs $75.


Sounds like u want one particular area looked at and so it would be $75 each time you swab.


On Your phone consult appointment which also costs minimum $50 you can discuss strategy with the specialists.


I have eczema and I can't figure it what is eczema or a pimple or h. So I am swabbing everything separate. It costs but I need to know for myself. I have also swabbed at the doctor sores that have come back negative that dont look like h lesions. So I think I hve a few things going on which is making it sofficult to figure out.


Doctors were getting impatient and refused to swab bumps on my tailbone bc it wasn't typical h and no fluid etc. it's easier for me to do it myself and less stress.



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Sorry - I've been out of town for the weekend and just now catching up....and I'll have to keep this short cause I'm WAAAY behind!


@whitedaisies gave you the best answer - WH is the only place I would trust with your questions and for the swabbing. I *personally* don't think that the red spots on your face is Herpes... sounds like acne .... but if it helps to put your mind to rest then it's probably worth the cost..... you may want to discuss doing an oral swab every day for a week and see what that brings (that is what they did when they did the research for the stats that we see on shedding).... but they will be able to tell you what is best for you in your circumstance.

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Just FYI, I spoke to Terri. She suggested I only swab spots that look like lesions, and also said small red blotches that disappear in a couple days are not good candidates and do not sound like H either.


So I'm going to get the kit to have it on hand, but it doesn't sound like I've had anything worth swabbing yet, nor may ever.

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Yes I just submitted 4 and have 4 still not used. I am being very choosey. For me knowledge is power. If they come back negative, sex becomes more of a reality and less of a worry, if some comes back positive then I know what to look for. If one is typical there is no issue but atypical it's hard to feel comfortable and that you are protecting your partner.


If I "know" what symptoms to look for (an I have many) I will know when it is safe. If I feel safe, I will have great sex! And I want great sex! I am not Rollin in dough by any means right now but I am putting money aside to hopefully relieve some anxiety


Good luck. I hope you get answers.



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I'd love to know the results of your swabbing if you don't mind sharing when they come back. I'm feeling a little hopeless in that if I have no clear symptoms, I'll never get a positive swab. It would be useful to hear how your experiment goes. I think I'm going to do 2 swabs over the next couple of months...but like you said, I'll be choosy.

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I don't know. It's a little frustrating because I can't logically say where I think or don't think it is. :) it could be anywhere. I believe I acquired it 5 months ago after an encounter but it was th first time I was ever tested for herpes (just happened to be in my STD screen). If it was from my last sexual encounter then it could be genintally or orally or even both since there was contact on both places. If it was from before that then it could be anywhere. The area around my nose feels the most suspicious to me due to some itching and redness occasionally but there's a dozen other things that come to mind that cause that too. Allergies being #1. a

Couple months ago I had some groin pain but it was right after I did a stupid workout and was at a business conference for a week wearing tight clothes. Could it have been herpes nerve pain or just a slight a groin sprain? wouldn't be the first time.. I think if nothing happens soon I'll just wait for a day where I just don't feel right and roll my entire body over a swab. :)

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I have been on a diagnosis roller coaster so I will give you advice based on my experiences.


Don't spent too much time worrying where f you are asymptomatic. It asymptomatically sheds so little genitally and orally everyone has. You are lucky not to have symptoms.


I would swab the odd thing that you think that is suspicious and then just assume you have it orally like everyone else.


I understand it's frustrating but I would kill to har no symptoms. You are very lucky.


I hope you find closure and clarity quickly and do all you can to do that and then either accept you have it in a certain location, or you will never know.


I am in therapy to help me. My problem is I hve hsv1 and I "know" I have it in both places but I have a myriad of symptoms that plague my physically.


Honestly if I had no real symptoms I would have just accepted I was one of the 80 percent that had it orally and not worry too much about it.


Now easier said. When it's YOU it's so hard. But hanging onto knowing without physical symptoms is really trying to find needle in a haystack.


You may just have to work on making peace with not knowing.


I wish you all the best. Hugs

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