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HSV2 arginine/lysine and hair loss/mild erectile dysfunction

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Hi everyone,


I was diagnosed with HSV2 slightly more than 3 years ago. I instantly did research and discovered that the virus needs the amino acid arginine to replicate. I stopped eating things with lots of arginine and little lysine. I have always been wary of pharmaceuticals and long term side effects etc so i resolved to use the medication(Famvir) infrequently at best. I would use it when i would get a outbreak or sometimes when having regular sexual intercourse with a new girl. This continued for the last three years- stringently limiting my diet to not include foods with bad arginine/lysine ratios (totally stopped eating chocolate, nuts, cucumbers, onions, etc).


Anyways, in the last two years especially two other things started to happen... My hair started falling out quite rapidly. I had some minor signs of hair loss before all this but nothing major. And also, i had two episodes where i couldnt get an erection in a normal circumstance. This is totally unusual and never happened before in the same way. I attributed the erection problem to be some porn watching masturbation thing and quit watching porn cold turkey since then (month and half or so) fwiw


Well, come to find out recently, arginine is very important for sexual functioning and hair growth!


Even with all the limiting of arginine i still had an outbreak 5-6 times a year for a week and a half each. I am thinking it might be much better now to re introduce the arginine into my system and treat the outbreaks when they come topically with propolis/aloe/lysine? And also use some immune system supplementation (Vitamin C, Zinc/copper).


My question or concerns are:

1) Im confused about the way the arginine and lysine compete in the body. If i start eating a bunch of arginine rich foods but balance by eating lysine supplements will that control the outbreaks? But, will it also inhibit arginines good functions (producing nitric oxide and promoting circulation helping hair growth and sexual functioning)?


2) Im in a bit of a quandary because i am definitely experiencing hair loss and mild ED. Two things that seemed to have hastened since my severe diet change. However, i do have hsv2 and would not like to deal with constant outbreaks.


3) Ive taken Famvir intermittently for the last three years as well. Could that have contributed at all? It was always quite sporadically though and never on a daily basis for more than two weeks at a time.


Its hard for me to deny the potential correlation to the severe limiting of arginine in my diet and the changes that have happened in my body in the last two years. Im just looking for the best possible way to handle this going forward.


Any insights or help would be much appreciated.

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My bf is 42 (also hsv+ as am I). When we first started dating it was rough because he could not achieve (or sustain) a complete erection. It frustrated him to tears. He finally went to 2 diff drs and was diagnosed with ed. He got a script for 36 hr Cialis (which is amazing btw), and the only downside is it's expensive and ins doesn't cover it. So he buys like 10 pills at a time and takes as needed. But the Cialis works almost immediately and completely, and he stays erect till he's finished, which was always a problem in the past. He is also losing hair. My bf is not on any meds for hsv, nor does he alter his diet for it. He has had one big ob and that's it. If you're having obs that frequently, I know that falls within the suppressive therapy guidelines. I understand not wanting to take it all the time as I don't either, but I was having obs every mth. I'm on valtrex and it makes my kidneys hurt, but cutting them in half has helped. I was also restricting chocolate and nuts but I caved last night and ate half a bag of peanut m&ms. We'll see if that was a mistake.

I don't think the hsv meds could cause your problems, but I don't know much about famvir. My dr said valtrex doesn't cause kidney pain but I know for a fact it does since I don't have it when I'm off of it. And I have also read that all the things we aren't supposed to eat (chocolate, wine, etc), are like nature'a Viagra, so that would make sense if you're having those problems while restricting diet. But in my bf''s case, it was pretty sudden onset and he had no attributing factors besides age. Hope you can find some answers...

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I remember reading an article just before Rogaine hit the market place that said 90% of all human males will experiance some degree of hair loss during their lifetime. I started noticing thinning in my hair at 35, I recently turned 48. Baldness runs on both sides of my family so I'm guessing its more genetic then anything else.


Do you experiance alot of stress? It definatly causes outbreaks and I know some people believe it can cause hair loss too. As far as the Famvir causing hair loss, no idea. I used to take acyclovir when I was in my 20's and never noticed hair loss.


Could be you've just hit that point in life when the body changes anyways. You start losing hair, you put on a few extra pounds, notice a few gray hairs, fine print gets a lot more blurry...

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Im 26 and am not a very stressed type of person. I read the valtrex has hair loss as a side effect but havent read the same about famvir. I will look into what the differences are in them that causes the hair loss in valtrex but not famvir.


Ive always been pretty strict on limiting the arginine just because when i got my second outbreak (before i knew it was herpes) i was munching on trail mix nuts and MnMs for three days straight at school. So i felt there was some correlation. However, chocolate and nuts are known to have the worst arginine/lysine ratio of all the foods. I went on to limit pretty much everything that had a bad ratio. I still ate rice and stuff so i didnt cut out grains and everything but i definitely have not eaten any chocolate or nuts in like 3 years. Its very possible and likely that my arginine levels are relatively low.


I just had no idea that arginine played such a vital role in hair growth and sexual functioning and here i am limiting it like crazy and 3 years later what am i experiencing somewhat randomly? hair loss and mild erectile dysfunction at 26 years old. Just crazy- im hoping eating more arginine helps on both fronts. It seems famvir is pretty efficient in lessening the duration and severity of an outbreak once it comes (if you catch it early enough) so i think im going to bring arginine back into my life and use famvir when i feel a potential outbreak coming. If i get a real outbreak im going to start using topical treatments to aid in the healing (propolis/aloe/hydrogen peroxide - all of which ive never used before).


Juries still out on the lysine though, i dont know if i want to take lysine everyday if my goal is to increase arginine in my system to normal levels. I dont know if the lysine inhibits the ability of arginine to circulate the blood and stimulate hair growth and sexual functioning etc.


Also, in my first post i stated that in the past 3 years its been about 5-6 times a year that i had an outbreak. I just realized after thinking about it more that i overstated this, its been more like 2-3 real outbreaks a year that i used famvir to treat, but also like 2-3 times where i felt like i was gonna have an outbreak and used famvir (mightve stopped the outbreak). In the past couple months tho (my last two outbreaks) i decided to try and go without the famvir entirely because i suspected that maybe the famvir was causing the increased hair loss and sudden erectile dysfunction.


In a way im really banking on the lack of arginine in my system being the main cause for the problems ive been having. That way i can just kick up the arginine and treat the outbreaks with famvir. Thats basically my plan for the next couple months. We will see what happens. No more saying no to chocolates! I havent had thai curry in 3 years bc im worried about the arginine from the coconut milk! And i fucking love yellow curry damnit! No worrying about the ratio in everything i consume.


It could be that my body is just really sensitive to the arginine with respect to the outbreaks. I really hope this isnt the case cause then i have a much tougher problem on my plate. Getting enough arginine to stay healthy while living without tormenting outbreaks year round.


Ideally id be medication free entirely. However, if the side effects are just what they say they are for famvir then im okay with using it. Unfortunately, i dont have much faith in the pharmaceutical companies and their honesty when it comes to revealing information about a product that can cause people to not use it (hair loss and ED are pretty bad side effects and potentially ones that multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical companies would be wary of listing).

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I cant find the piece of paper they gave me at Planned parenthood but if my aging memory isn't failing me, it wasn't about ridding your diet of arginine but ingesting more lysine than arginine. having a higher lysine level at the end of the day so to speak. also ive heard and seemed to experience the hair issue from acyclovir, but im 50 and my father was more bald than I am now by 30 so I figure I am on borrowed time anyway. I will say that I started playing with the tesla high frequency thingy ( in its own thread) and it seems like I get less hair in my comb. as to ED, have never had it but low T can be a big factor in that at any age. there are other things also that can affect that, antidepressants, some antihistamines, alcohol, etc.


@sadpanda I experienced side discomfort/kidney pain when I first went on antivirals but I was also taking all the supplements. I dropped the supplements for a bit and lowered my antiviral intake for about a week and it all cleared up.

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this is the forum. not sure whats going on with this thing and I feel silly using it. I do like the ozone smell and im sure the extra oxygen gives a wee bit of euphoria.


can I ask a question? ive always wondered about ED and occupation. I work in construction, a very masculine field and other than getting "whiskey dick" ive never met a guy who had ED but a fair number of men who ive known who work in offices seem to get it. ive always wondered if there is a corollary between profession and ED.

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You just learned a great big lesson on being careful about what you read and how you interpret it! Life is all about balance ... and completely removing an amino acid from your diet is likely to cause *some* kind of issue somewhere.... amino acids are the building blocks of the body. As @seeker said ... all advice I've ever seen is to *LIMIT* argenine intake and ADD Lysine .... and even then, many of us are not affected by the argenine/lysine ration at all. I had a brief period where Trail Mix with peanuts and chocolate seemed to add to OB's, but I was in full Peri-menopause and I think that my hormones were off too.... nowadays I eat whatever I want and the only OB's I get are more FAT ...LOL

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haha yeah i def fckd up limiting the arginine so stringently. as far as ED, i mean, i wouldnt be a good person to ask, i would say its pretty damn mild ED but ofc any ED is scary when youve never experienced it before. Im sure the mild case is due to arginine deficiency and maybe porn-induced (theres some pretty interesting stuff on porn induced ED which i never knew about before).

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