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Questions: Herpes symptoms, prodrome, treatment?

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I haven't posted yet. I'm very emotional still. This is my 10 month. I'm having trouble with doctors believeing that I have this horrible virus. I finally got them to do a blood test and that's been three weeks ago. No return call from the doctor. How long does it take to results back? I know I have it. My breakouts are bearly noticeable. The leg pain is hideous. They just try to give me antidepressants and anti-virals. I take l-lysine, I'm on a multivitamin, zinc and vitamin c. I was very active before. 5 mile runs, crossfit and insanity. It is better but still going strong. This virus has its own heart beat. For real! It's running thru my body like a race. I do have hsv 1 oral. I think this virus is competing with each other?? Is that possible? Any advice is greatly appreciated. Very much! Oh yea the nuroligist has me taking pain meds. No one even listens to me when I tell them what I think this is.

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Your best bet then is to see an infectious disease specialist or a gynocologist if you are a girl or a urologist if you are male.


It's very difficult when no one believes you, I know. But sometimes it's best to treat the symptoms and see what works and doesn't and sometimes that helps determine the cause.


Why do you think you have h genitally? How do you know you have hsv1 oral?

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I get fever blisters. Only about 3 a year tho. About 10 months ago I was exposed to the virus. I have been to my gyn she didn't think that was my problem. She had never seen my symptoms before. Which are, tingling followed by stinging pain all down my legs to my ankle and then pain. I get some relief and then it repeats itself. It started in my left leg and then gradually it was in both legs worse in my left. I guess I will call my doctor Monday and see if the blood test is back. They treated me for a pinched nerve. Also at first there was a burning sensation. It doesn't do that now. Like I said it is getting better. It just won't stop.

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If you have oral hsv1 it is unlikely you recently contracted genital hsv1. Unless you received them both in same encounter and not experiencing genital issues until now.


Your blood test will show positive for hsv1.


If you contracted hsv2 then it will likely only show up in blood tests 4 months post exposure.


Those symptoms could be herpes or could be anything.

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This forum is here for support whether you are still questioning symptoms or whether you know for a fact you have them. I have been looking for a definitive diagnosis for over a year. It is emotionally draining. I am just trying to help you based on my experiences.


Hugs and good luck. If you have any other questions, feel free to post whenever you want.

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Definitely give your Dr a call ... they should have called you with the result either way...


So: If you come up HSV1+ on the blood test (and you should if you have cold sores) then that won't confirm that you have HSV1 genitally ... and it's pretty rare to get H1 genitally if you have it orally already because you have the antibodies to it that usually protect you. It's not impossible, but pretty darned rare.


Now, if your test is positive for HSV2, then you can be pretty sure it's genital. Now, H1 and 2 don't "fight" with each other .... I have both and never had anything worse than the "normal" OB's and issues.


Have you been looked at for Sciatica? That can be VERY painful and with the activities you do, it's very possible that it could be that. I'm a Massage Therapist and I see that pretty often and it can be very crippling and painful ... if your tests come out negative for HSV2 I'd try seeing a LMT and see if a few treatments help ... it's certainly worth a try!

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