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extreme itching from herpes?

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I've been having vaginal itching off and on since December. Sometimes it's mild ND other times it's so severe that it keeps me up. Well tonight is one of those nights. I've been tested for all other stds, vd, bacteria, and yeast. Like 3 times now since December lol. All negative. Could this all be from herpes? During these types I've barely ever felt any pain except the raw feeling from itching. If I did get. Sore feeling, I would look with a mirror, but never see a sore. is this possible? Can I have itching instead of a sore? I have hsv 2 btw if anyone didn't know. My fiance and I had sex this past Monday but I didn't have any pain before. The itch is so intense. I put Tea tree oil, nothing. Used Valtrex cream, nothing. Used vaginal itch cream and nothing. Also lidocaine and still itching like crazy. If this is normal how long does it last? I'm dying here. It's keeping me up at night Making me loose sleep

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im going through the same thing right now. itching seems to be my worst (an pretty much only symptom besides the actual sore) no sore yet. hopefully i popped some meds in time tho. ive taken T3s just to get some sleep before. tea tree oil helped me last night. ive found that taking one or two pills of valtrex relieves the itching normally. i dont take the full dose cuz i feel it is waaaay tooo much. my first OB i felt like i was itchy for weeks. a year later itchiness lasts only a couple days if that

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If the Valtrex cream didn't help, I'd go back to the doctor right now while it's at it's worst ... also although they are saying you don't have a yeast infection, it may be worth trying Monistat or some OTC meds like that ... it certainly won't hurt....


Also, have you tried Valtrex/acyclovir oralally? L Lysine?


Could you be having an allergic reaction to something like a condom? Even your husband's sperm could be an irritant...

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