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I know I haven't been on much, life has been busy and I haven't had the time nor inclination. I cant do this anymore. I wanted to pay it forward, some of you were there for me when I first found out about having H2 and I am eternally grateful. I felt it was only right to be there for others, esp since it seems to be either newbies or long timers and I am a @ 1 yearer ( is that even a word??) I need to focus on other things than Herpes. I would like to thank Adrial for this site, ive gently pushed a few people this way and WCSDancer for her "moming" us and her blog ( ive also pushed a few people that way.) You guys do good and needed work. I commend you on it and don't know how you deal with all the sad stories on a regular basis. I recently was told by my mother that she ( and she doesn't know my status) has noticed that I have zero passion in my life. Its true, ive been in "one foot in front of the other" mode for 8 months and its killing me, literally. ive put on weight, I drink more than ever before and really could care less about almost anything ( don't get me started on dating and how insane every single woman ive delt with has been). I have met some nice people here, had some interesting conversations and even a laugh or two. I hope everyone goes on to great things. I don't know what the future will bring, don't know if I will check in or return. I don't expect to have any great success story anytime soon as im pretty much over dating, I had my fun. I hope you all find the loves of your life and herpes becomes a second rate bit player in the epic drama which is your story.


Take care, Seeker.

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Awww @seeker - I for one will miss you! Not only for your humor and thoughtful responses, but it's been nice having a guy on here to help balance things.


I wish you luck wherever you end up. PLEASE, dig to find that passion again. Don't let this little pain-in-the-nether-regions virus take away your joy of LIVING ... there's so much more out there.... don't worry about looking for love...let it FIND you. In the meantime, find something that fills your soul. Dance was my escape when I was in a bad place (not because of H... but because of love lost due to other reasons). It carried me through some dark times. Find YOUR "dance" ... immerse yourself in it.... let it revive your soul....


(((HUGS))) friend... this is a sad day for me ... but I wish you the best :)

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