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Herpes test results

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So on Monday I was told by two different drs that I had herpes. One doctor took a culture, the other did a culture and blood work. I have had the blisters for 1 week, so at time of tests, 5 days. Today the nurse told me the bloodwork came back negative. As far as I've read, the blood work might not show positive if I don't have antibodies. I'm still waiting the culture results from both drs. What do I make of this? Do I get blood work redrawn in 4-6 months? I'm so confused, and this has proven to be nothing short of a roller-coaster. Which tests are most accurate and how soon?

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sorry to hear about all the confusion. I actually never even got my blood taken, but I know I have HSV2. I know this from the culture that was taken; and the fact that the clinician took 1 look at me and said : "This looks like a herpes outbreak."


I'm no expert- but I believe you're right that there's no antibodies at 1st. It makes sense that the body is developing the antibodies right now; and might not show up in blood work yet.

I would wait until the cultures come back to be fairly certain if you're negative.

And then talk to the Dr's about the possibility of needed to re-test your blood.


I hope this helps. It's tough being in that waiting period. I know what that's like.

Big hugs.


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Yes, if the cultures come back positive for herpes, then you have herpes. It takes a while for the body to build up enough antibodies for a positive blood test. From the New York Times: "Virtually everyone will have detectable antibodies by 16 weeks." And from the CDC: "If someone has an initial outbreak, this most often occurs within two weeks of acquiring HSV from a sexual partner."


So yes, chances are you have herpes. Good news? It's not as big a deal as you might think. You get to actually find out what it means to you. Especially with all these amazing people here on this forum to support you in that. Ultimately, it's just a stigmatized skin condition, plain and simple.

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Thank y'all so much. The dr called and confirmed the cultures were positive for type 2. I'm definitely still in shock, and going through the range of emotions, along with trying to hold it together and keep my daily life as close to normal as possible. I appreciate this site and each of you more than you'll ever know.

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